ISRA Town Hall Meetings

You would find items of interest in your area, with guest speakers, legislative updates, open discussion and more.  While the initial roll-out of the meetings might be similar, expect the townhall group in your area to evolve to be more meaningful to the people in attendance.

Where can you find the nearest townhall meeting to attend?
The meeting locations are as follows:
South Suburbs:
Kenootz Pizza
4659 147th St

Midlothian IL  60445
These meetings will be held every 2nd Thursday, starting at 7:00 pm.
Co-Coordinators: Gene Cotillo
, Thomas MacDonald

Generous Sponsor:
Chucks Gun Shop, Riverdale IL

NorthWest Suburbs
Colonial Café
2555 Bunker Hill Dr
Algonquin IL  60102

These meetings will be held every 2nd Tuesday, starting at 7:00 pm.
Coordinator:  Robert Whitley

Generous Sponsors at NorthWest Suburbs Townhall:
OnTarget Range, Crystal Lake IL
Second Amendment Sports, McHenry
Fox Valley Range, Elgin

There is no charge to attend.  For more information, send email to