Illinois State Rifle Association
Tuesday Night Irregular Rifles League

The ISRA Tuesday Night Irregular Rifle League will begin on the last Tuesday of April (04/30/19) and will fire every Tuesday evening, weather permitting, through the first Tuesday of October (10/01/19), weather permitting. During the season the first relay will commence at 5:30 PM. The second relay starts 15 minutes after completion of the first. 

The matches will be held at the ISRA Range in Bonfield, IL. Membership in the Tuesday Night Irregular Rifle League is not limited to ISRA members but all shooters are encouraged to join the Association and apply for a range membership. Our League activities are made possible by participants’ dues with support from the ISRA. Fees for the ISRA Tuesday Night Irregular Rifles League are:   

Annual League registration Weekly match: $25.00  regular members; $20 for Juniors & Seniors 

$10.00  for regular members; $7.00 for Seniors; $5 for Juniors  (Juniors are members who will not reach age 21 during the season’s  calendar year; Seniors will be age 62 or older during the calendar year).

League fees cover match supplies (targets, pasters, spotters, etc.), a light dinner after each Tuesday night match and end of year awards.  

The League operates as an NRA Approved Tournament and scores are submitted at season end to establish or modify shooters’ NRA High Power classifications. The course of fire will be a modified 80 Shot Regional Course (NRA Rules 7.15 & 8.2) that requires 80 rounds total at 200-yards and 300-yards, over 2 weeks. The match will consist of four stages of fire, each preceded by a 2 minute period for the firing of 2 sighting shots. 

Contact: Email Bryan Coyle at: with questions and for further information.