Affiliated Leagues

ISRA Shooting LeaguesShooting DaysPoint of ContactPhoneLink
Bench Rest LeagueEvery Wednesday, April through OctoberJim Stearns or Mark Lincoln(815) 458-2474 or (630) 460-0241 
Precision Pistol Bullseye LeagueSelected Sunday mornings - If needed, uses the whole pistol range no later than noonJeff Battaglia (708) 269-1628 Page not found
Glock Pistol LeagueSelected Sunday mornings, associated with GSSF - Uses half of the pistol rangeFrank Perrotta(630) 882-8573Page not found
Combat Pistol LeagueFirst Sunday of the Month, May through OctoberJohn Newman or Jeff Davis(815) 462-0555 or (708) 476-3257Page not found
F-Class 300 Yard Rifle LeagueWednesdays May through SeptemberTom Jurgens(815) 573-3041Page not found
Illinois High PowerVaries by MatchKonrad Powers(630) 267-0069http://www.illinoishighpower.org
Illinois Junior High PowerYouth Group known as "Hard dogs"Russ Friend(847) 516-9674Page not found
F-Class Smallbore Rifle LeagueThursdays May through SeptemberJames Miller(815) 268-4411 
Springfield LeagueSelected Sunday mornings. Uses Pistol RangeTony Jacobazzi(630) 918-1631 
TNIRLSelect Tuesday EveningsBryan Coyle(224) 800-4986Page not found
Air Gun LeaguesWednesdays, October through AprilMike James, Jeff Davis, John Newman(847) 456-3386, (709) 476-3257, (815) 954-8389 
Marksmanship LeagueMay through October, various datesJohn Barone(708) 205-2799 
Black Powder LeagueFirst Sunday of every month March through NovemberTom Fahrenbach (630) 327-3820  
Paper & Steel LeagueEvery Wednesday April - OctoberJeff Davis(708) 476-3257 
Military Benchrest Rifle LeagueEvery Monday June through SeptemberRichard Pearson(815) 635-3198 
Steel Challenge .22 Marksmanship Leaguevarious dates March-OctoberRon Coursey(708) 935-7177 
F-Class High Power Rifle LeagueWednesdays May through SeptemberJames Miller(815) 268-4411 
Scout Rifle LeagueMondays, June - SeptemberRichard Pearson(815) 635-3198