ISRA Thursday Bulletin - October 22, 2020

by Richard Pearson

October has a Blue Moon on the 31st.  The harvest season is well underway and by the 31st most of the crops will be out.  The weather will be turning cold and the deer will be in the rut.  These are perfect conditions for encountering one of these creatures with the front end of your vehicle.  Deer accidents can occur anywhere but they most often happen near streams, bridges and wherever there is cover.   They really like to move when the moon is high so the next couple of weeks will be busy.

The 2020 General Election is dwindling down from days to hours; there are only 12 days until the Election.  For gun owners, it is all on the line and the future of the United States.  I think the race for President will tighten and either way it will be close.  Coming in a close second does not matter in politics, you either win it all or lose it all.  

The scandal with Hunter Biden is getting traction but there may not be enough time to turn the tide in favor of Donald Trump.  The way politicians are bought off these days is not by direct payment; instead, the families of politicians bought into the deal and then in some way, money is transferred back to the politician.  Family trusts, corporations, and sweetheart deals on land or other assets are all part of the deal.  We have all heard of the land deal that somehow became the site of an airport a couple of years later or the $2,000,000 house that was purchased for $400,000 and then resold at the right price later. Of course, there are always stocks that seem to rise dramatically in value because of some discovery.  We will never know what bureaucrat just happens to have invested that very stock in their 401k.     Strange how lucky some of these people are. 

The FOID card problems continue although the Illinois State Police (ISP) announced they have hired 18 new people.  I don’t know when they will be fully trained.  In the meantime, the position of the Illinois State Rifle Association remains: A right delayed is a right denied!

We are continuing to look for personal stories about FOID card delays.  We will have to add plaintiffs to our lawsuits from time to time.  Your reply will be forwarded to our attorneys.  Thank you for all your help with these lawsuits. 

According to news articles, 147,862 FOID card applications were received from March to June.  From July to September, another 135,798 were received.  These figures include both new and renewal applications.  If this trend continues, it is conceivable that Illinois could reach 3,000,000 FOID card holders.  That would be the largest single voting block in the state.

Right now, the ISP is 142,000 FOID card applications behind and 26,000 Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses (ICCLs) behind.  Everywhere I go I get questions about applying for a FOID card or ICCL.  The reason is clear.  A week ago, I was talking to a woman who witnessed a man being beaten by several other men.  She called the police.  They arrived 25 minutes later.  A friend’s son thwarted an attempted robbery in the parking lot of a mall because he had a concealed carry permit.  We are not talking about the Southwest side of Chicago.  These incidents occurred in Bloomington-Normal and Champaign-Urbana.  They were not in the middle of the night either.  Both of these incidents involved multiple perpetrators.   Just a reminder: What are the chances of a bad guy going to prison for a violent crime?  About 1 in 100.  Who is at the crime scene?  Just the victim(s) and the criminal(s).  The police, the cavalry and ghost busters won’t be there.

On Wednesday morning, October 21, 2020, we noticed there have been changes to the Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau website.   This is the website that is used for FOID cards, CCL permits, Licensed Firearms Dealers, CCL Instructor Certification, and Law Enforcement portal access.  After you log into your account, it is now requiring that you either enter a phone number that you can receive a text message or an email address so that you can receive a confirmation code to proceed further.  I feel that this is an additional hardship for those who are technologically challenged or for those who do not have a computer to receive emails or a smart phone to receive text messages.  We feel this will negatively affect hundreds of thousands of Illinois gun owners, Conceal Carry permit holders, Licensed Firearm Dealers, and Conceal Carry Instructors.  We have notified our attorneys of this problem.

Gabby Gifford’s gun control organization has formed a new fake pro-gun group known as Gun Owners for Safety (GOS).  Watch out for these people, don’t be fooled.  It has become common practice among the gun control groups to form front groups.



October 24, 1861 - The Western Union Company completes the first transcontinental telegraph.  One of the many goals was to tie the East and the West together using the telegraph for rapid communication.  This was a priority of President Lincoln.

October 24, 1921 - The Unknown Soldier is selected for internment at Arlington Cemetery.  There were four bodies that could not be identified by name, rank or unit.  One of those was selected.  There were 77,000 American servicemen who lost their lives in WWI.

October 26, 1881 - The gun fight at the OK Corral occurred between Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp, Doc Holliday and the Clanton-McLaury gang.  The whole thing lasted less than 30 seconds but is legendary in American history.  The Earp clan was from Monmouth, Illinois.  Wyatt Earp lived until 1929. He was an advisor to movie producers and directors making westerns.  Every day he had lunch with aspiring actor Marion Robert Morrison.  Morrison later changed his name to John Wayne.

October 27, 1873 - A DeKalb, Illinois farmer by the name of Joseph Gibbons submitted an application for a patent for a wire containing barbs.  It was soon dubbed barbed wire.  This invention changed the open plains of the United States and made the western cattle drives impossible.  It also changed warfare forever. 

October 23, 1983 - The Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon are bombed, killing 241 Marines.  Palestinian terrorists, backed by Iran, were suspected but nothing was ever proven. 


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