ISRA Thursday Bulletin - May 28, 2020

by Richard Pearson

The arrival of June brings with it the summer shooting season although it is somewhat curtailed this year.  We will get through this exercise of Executive Power but it will take determination.  June also means the first hunting season is only two months away and upland game and certain waterfowl season is only three months away.  It is time to start making your plans. 

I know many of you read every legislative bill.  Sometimes there is confusion on what existing law is and what is proposed new law.  Existing law will say Illinois Compiled Statutes, (ILCS).  The sections that are existing law will not be underlined; changes to the law will be underlined.  An example of this was on SB3993.  People didn’t like the existing law which was passed in 1973.  I didn’t like it either but that was not the question.  The question was shall the Governor’s power be limited in implementing that of the law; that was the part that was underlined.  If someone wants to change existing law then it has to be proposed and introduced by a legislator.  It is true the existing bill could be amended but when that is done, the bill will definitely be bogged down, and nothing will pass.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will open its stores at Camp Perry, Ohio, and Anniston, Alabama, on June 4, 2020.  You will need to call the CMP’s national hotline at 419-635-2111 to make a shopping appointment.  Each shopper must complete sales application paperwork in advance.   The sales application can be found HERE

Each shopper will be limited to 30 minutes in the store.  I’m sure their inventories will be very good because they always have many items on hand during the National Matches.  Now that the National Matches are canceled, this might be a great time to go to the CMP store.  Be sure to take your current ISRA membership card with you because you must be a member of a CMP affiliate.  The ISRA is the CMP state affiliate.  Camp Perry, Ohio, is where I would go because some of the National Matches were scheduled there.  I have had a couple of inquiries about the CMP 1911 program.  I spoke with them on Tuesday and I was told they were not taking any new packets for purchase at this time.  They are still backlogged.  

The ISRA Academy and Spartan Tactical have postponed the House of Worship Safety Team Member Training Course due to the Coronavirus.  There were many applicants who did not have enough holster training.  The ISRA Academy and Instructor David Diller are designing a class dedicated to holster training.  For those who want to take the House of Worship class or for those who carry concealed, this will be the ideal class for you.  We will let you know when the class is ready.

Memorial Day weekend went well in Chicago.  The Chicago Police, under orders from the Mayor, were busy patrolling church parking lots.  Pastor Courtney Lewis of the Cornerstone Baptist Church reported three squad cars in his church’s parking lot Sunday morning.  Police were banging on the doors during the church services.  It is reported that the Mayor’s representative was trying to get in the church but the doors were locked.  Who knows how many churches were harassed?  Excuse me, I meant visited. 
I know this might be politically incorrect to mention but there were 39 shootings, including 10 fatalities, over the weekend.  Thankfully, the police, under the Mayor’s direction, were able to counter the possible mayhem of the churchgoers.  Fortunately, no squad cars were damaging by sending them into high crime areas.

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