ISRA Thursday Bulletin - March 25, 2021

by Richard Pearson

Numbers are starting to come in regarding firearms statistics for 2020.  The number of jobs the firearms industry provides rose over 10,000 from 2019 to 342,330 in 2020.  The revenues went from 60 billion to 63.5 billion for the same period.  The firearms industry is trying hard to keep up with demand.  I expect even higher numbers for 2022.

The numbers for Illinois are also impressive.  The firearms industry provided 13,278 jobs and had a total economic impact of $3,061,462,600.  The state and federal governments received $335,646,200 in taxes.  On top of those taxes, another $15,782,600 in excise tax was collected.  Excise taxes are sent to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife for redistribution back to the states based on the number of paid hunting licenses they issue.  That is why everyone should get a hunting license.  Free licenses do not count.  In the past, that amounts to about $19 per license.  It could be more this year because of the volume and price of firearms and ammo.

Currently, our lobbying team is tracking 182 bills and resolutions.  There is a new bill that has been introduced in the Illinois Senate, SB2889/HB745.  The stated intent from the Illinois State Police (ISP) is that through process integration and other efficiencies, considerable cost savings can be achieved in the Conceal Carry License (CCL) and Firearm Owner Identification card acts while achieving lawful processing times for FOID/CCL license applications and renewals.  A brief summary of the various changes imbedded in SB2889/HB745:

Prohibited Persons Portal:

  • Portal of individuals, for use by law enforcement agencies, whose FOID card has been revoked or suspended.  ISP shall indicate the reasons for the revocation or suspension and whether the person has surrendered their FOID card or filled out the Firearms Disposition record.
  • The Portal will prioritize persons identified as a “Clear and Present Danger”.

Violent Crime Intelligence Task Force:

  • Shall conduct enforcement operations against people that have had their FOID suspended or revoked and have not fulfilled the requirements of Section 9.5 of the FOID card act.  The Task Force shall prioritize those that have been reported by members of the law enforcement community as a “Clear and Present Danger to themselves and others”.
  • ISP may enter into intergovernmental agreements with other law enforcement agencies to complete the mission of the task force.  These law enforcement agencies may apply for grants from the newly created State Police Revocation Enforcement Fund.

State Police Revocation Enforcement Fund:

  • Primary source of funding is allocating $5 of the $10 FOID Card fee to this fund.
    • $10 FOID card fee reallocation of revenue
      • $5 to the ISP Revocation Enforcement Fund
      • $5 to ISP Firearm Services Fund
      • (DNR loses their original $6 per card fee)
  • New fund in the state treasury that may receive revenue from grants, donations, appropriations, and any other legal source.
  • Fund may give grants to law enforcement agencies that participate in the Violent Crime Intelligence Task Force.

Automatic FOID Card Renewals:

  • ISP by rule will establish automatic renewals for people that have voluntarily supplied fingerprints to ISP through the FOID Act or Conceal Carry Act
    • Only one fee can be charged for the fingerprint background check
      • Fee presently charged for CCL check.  Idea here is to not get charged twice.
    • State police will research and make a report by January 2022, on how to incorporate other voluntarily submitted fingerprints for use in the FOID Act.

Electronic Processing Fee:

  • Allows the State Treasurer to charge electronic processing fee if a credit card is used

Mental Health Reporting Fund:

  • Leftover money from this fund may be used by the State Board of Education for the Safe Schools and Healthy Learning Environments Grant Program
    • Mental Health Reporting Fund presently allows DHS to make grants for mental health programs with any surplus money.
  • Speaker Welch passed this legislation. (PA 101-0438)

FOID Card administrative changes:

  • If a person’s FOID card expires and they have a valid CCL then the FOID card shall remain valid while the CCL is valid
    • ISP may automatically renew a FOID card if it expires while the person has a valid CCL
  • No longer have expiration dates on the FOID cards
  • Automatic renewal with an FTIP inquiry
  • People may opt into email notifications from ISP rather than regular mail
  • Allows for a suspension of a FOID card for a protective order instead of a revocation.  Language added that ISP must reinstate upon the dismissal of the protective order.
  • Allows for the cancellation of a FOID card instead of a revocation for those people that no longer qualify for a FOID.  This is typical of a person moving out of state.
  • Upon approval of a CCL, a person’s FOID card is automatically renewed for an additional 10 years from the CCL date
  • If a person has been approved for a FOID card and a CCL then ISP shall by rule create one card that would replace both FOID and CCL cards
  • ISP may implement an electronic FOID and CCL card

FOID Card Review Board:

  • Seven-member board appointed by Governor with advice and consent of Senate
    • No more than 4 from one party
    • Alternating term dates
    • Identifies the type of qualifications for each member
    • Shall meet quarterly or to the call of the chair
  • Review board replaces the Director of ISP to review appeals for FOID card denials
  • Shall make discussions within 45 business days or may receive an additional 30 days upon request for more information

Additional Info:

  • The FOID Modernization Act sections are not subject to FOIA
  • The State Police Revocation Enforcement Fund is not subject to chargebacks. (sweeps)

The ISRA lobbying team is already working on replacing monies lost to the IDNR because of this bill.  This will require a separate appropriations bill.

The Illinois Supreme Court has granted our Petition of Leave to Appeal the Easterday v. Village of Deerfield.  This suit will be heard in combination with the GSL Joseph Wombacher lawsuit.  We do not have a date yet.  We will keep you informed.

Spring has finally arrived and I, like you, am itching to get out and do some shooting.   Ammo is finally loosening up a little although it is still expensive.  If you are going to spend money on ammo, it is wise to get the most out of it.  Classes often require 500 to 1000 rounds.  I just completed the Glock Operators Course that required 1000 rounds.

The Midwest Training Group (MTG) is holding three one-day classes at the ISRA Range which only requires 300 rounds of ammo for each class.  The first class is a Low Light Shooting class on Friday evening, May 14; the second is Intro to Defensive Shooting on Saturday, May 15; and Mastering the Revolver on Sunday, May 16.  These are all introductory classes but even if you have had similar classes before, you will always learn something.  You can contact the MTG group at the following: andy1911@imaxmail.net or visit midwesttraininggroup.net


March 25, 1953 - Dr. Jonas Salk announces tests on the Polio Vaccine have been completed.  Anyone remember the sugar cube with the red colored vaccine on it besides me?  Better than a shot.

March 27, 1939 - March Madness.  The NCAA crowns its first Champion.  The University of Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33.  Bars have had an increase in business ever since.

March 27, 1836 - The Mexican Army executes 417 Texan resistors at Goliad, Texas.  General Santa Anna thought the massacre would crush the revolution but it infuriated the Texans and the uprising spread throughout Texas.

March 27 1774 - Parliament passes the Coercive Acts.  One of those Acts forces Americans to quarter British troops in their homes and operators of taverns to also quarter them.  In some cases, the Americans were forced to feed the British troops, polish their boots and if they were officers, feed their horses.  Not nice, see you at Yorktown.

March 29, 1929 - President Herbert Hoover has a telephone installed in the Oval Office.  The White House had a telephone since 1879, which was installed by President Rutherford B. Hayes but now the President had his own phone.  Within three days, he was getting calls about the warranty on the Presidential carriage.

March 30, 1867 - U. S. Secretary of State William H. Seward signs a treaty with Russia to purchase Alaska for 7 million dollars.

March 30, 1870 - The 15th Amendment is adopted which gives African Americans the right to vote.

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McHenry County Gun Show – Woodstock, IL

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