ISRA Thursday Bulletin - February 4, 2021

by Richard Pearson

I am watching anti-gunners on the march in several states.  The greatest change is in the State of Virginia but the anti-gun push is on in Washington, Oregon and New Mexico.  I call this Creeping Californiaism (CC for short).  The heck with the COVID-19, CC is much more dangerous.  All joking aside, the only cure for this is for gun owners to stop ranting and get organized and stay organized.  It takes money to fight these people and their anti-gun agenda.  It takes more than just to say we have a Second Amendment; gun owners have to fight to keep it.  Not only do we have to fight for it, we have to fight for it in an organized manner if we expect to win.  Of all the State Associations, the ISRA is the most organized.  It is time for people in every state to stop depending on organizations like the NRA to do everything.  When I first started fighting for gun rights, everyone looked around and waited for the NRA to come galloping in on a big white horse and save the day.  Early on, those of us in the ISRA understood that someday the big white horse wouldn’t make it.  I am not saying we should abandon the NRA, in fact, we should support them even more but for the foreseeable future the Washington D.C. swamp is going to keep them busy.  We need to take care of ourselves in our home states.

The dog days of winter are upon us and we are all looking for something to do.  In the past, reloading for the upcoming shooting season was an easy answer but with the shortages of components, that answer is no longer available.  More and more shooters are turning to air rifle and air pistol shooting to keep their marksmanship skills sharp.  Air rifle and Air pistol shooting is an Olympic sport after all.  There are plenty of air rifles, air pistols, pellets and targets out there and they are inexpensive.  The cost of a good air rifle or air pistol is high but you get what you pay for.  Once you have either or both of those items, pellets and targets are cheap.  Air guns which produce a velocity of less than 700 feet per second are not considered firearms.  Over 700 feet per second requires a FOID card and are considered firearms.  The most accurate of target air guns produce a velocity of about 575 to 600 feet per second.  This is not to say there are some really powerful air guns out there that are designed for hunting.  The Boone and Crockett Club just established an air gun class for big game. 

Target air rifles and pistols are shot at a regulation 10 meters or 33 feet.  The 10 ring on an Olympic air rifle target is 1 millimeter, just for the record.  This is why many competitive shooters use air rifles and pistols for competition and practice.  The 10 ring on an air pistol target is 11.5 millimeters or a hair under a half an inch and is shot one handed.  There are reduced targets for those who don’t have 33 feet so these can be used about anywhere for practice. 

If you are near the ISRA range, we have open practice for air guns on Tuesdays from 12:00pm until 8:00pm on the indoor range located in the clubhouse.  If you don’t have an air rifle, air pistol or pellets or targets, the ISRA has equipment you can use while at the range.  There is a small charge per day.  Air pistol practice is open on Wednesday nights from 5:00pm until 8:00pm.  Sorry, no air guns over 700 feet per second.  The backstop can’t handle it.  We have an Olympic style range.  If you have the hunting type air guns, they can be shot outside.

Coming up on Saturday, March 6, we have an AR15 Care and Maintenance class at the ISRA Range.  You will need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition with you to function, test and zero in your rifle.  Lunch is provided.  If you have special dietary needs, you will have to provide your own lunch.  The cost is $35 for ISRA members and $65 for nonmembers.  Call Laura at 815.635.3198 to register for the class.  The class is from 9:00am until 3:30pm.  If you have an AR15 and are new to owning one, this is a great way to pass a winter day.

Elections have consequences.  Longtime anti-gun democratic politician Dick Durban has become Chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.  On Monday he tweeted out a message regarding his meeting with anti-gun people from across the county telling everyone he will never stop fighting for “Gun Safety”.  Gun Safety is a code word for draconian gun control.  Let there be no mistake, Dick Durban is our enemy.

Both the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois State Senate essentially canceled session for the month of February.  Deadlines are being extended so we don’t really know what will happen until March.  Bills are being introduced and can be tracked on our website.  These bills will be in the House Rules Committee waiting to be sent to other committees at a later date.  The same is true for Illinois Senate bills.  Senate bills are in the Assignments Committee waiting to be sent on to other committees. Without either chamber being in session only subject matter hearings can be held so no committee action can be taken.

There are a couple of examples of what we can expect.  Representative Joyce Mason (D-61 Gurnee) has bill HB0316 which would add another 1% sales tax to gun safes and other locking devices.  Kathleen Willis (D-77 Northlake) has bill HB0552, requiring those devices.  So if they get their way, they will make you buy a gun safe and then tax you for following the law.  Don’t forget IGOLD is scheduled for April 21.

For those dealers who want to comment on the Illinois State Police rule on security systems you can comment on those rules until February 22 by email.  The email is isp.rulemaking@illinois.gov

At this moment we are waiting for the Illinois State Police to reply to our FOID Card lawsuit.  If something breaks, we will let you know.


February 5, 1937 - President Franklin Roosevelt announces a plan to pack the Supreme Court of the United States with up to 15 Justices.  Fortunately, the Senate voted down the idea, 70 to 22.

February 7, 1812 - The largest earthquake to ever happen in the United States occurred near New Madrid, Missouri.  The quake was estimated to be 8.8 on the Richter scale.  There were several aftershocks for months over 8 on the Richter scale.  The earthquake was so strong it rang church bells as far away as Boston.  President James Madison’s wife, Dolly Madison, reported the beds were moving in the White House.  Several new lakes were created including Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee.  The Mississippi River flowed backwards for several hours.  At that time, the Mississippi River was filled with islands many of which had river pirates on them.  The islands and most of the pirates disappeared.

February 8, 1943 - The island of Guadalcanal is taken from the Japanese.  Guadalcanal is the largest of 922 islands in the Solomon chain of islands.  The Battle of Guadalcanal is one of the fiercest in Marine Corps History.

February 10, 1957 - Laura Ingalls Wilder dies at age 90 years.  Laura Ingalls Wilder lived on the frontier most of her life including twice in the Indian Territory.  She wrote hundreds of articles and several books on the subject.  The books gave much insight into the hardships that settlers faced.  Her most famous book “Little House on the Prairie” was published in 1935.  It was the basis for a TV show with the same name.

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