ISRA ALERT: Tone-Deaf Anti-Gun Group Using Pandemic To Advance Their Agenda


ISRA: Tone-deaf anti-gun group using pandemic to advance their agenda

May 20, 2020                                                                                                                           
For Immediate Release                                                                                    
Contact: Richard Pearson
Chatsworth, IL – While Illinois families are dealing with the loss of loved ones and struggling with job loss and other economic hardships, anti-gunners are using the pandemic to push their agenda. 

“What is the saying? Never let a crisis go to waste?” said Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. “Well the anti-gunners at EveryTown for Gun Safety have taken this to a whole new despicable level to maintain their relevance.  During the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 the anti-gunners have used this crisis to send out an alert to their members asking for cash and to further erode our constitutional rights.”

The E-Blast below asks Senators to pass SB1966, the so-called BIO Bill (formerly called the Fix the FOID Bill), during the Special Session this week even though the bill is not moving.

“Leave it to the anti-gunners to ask their supporters to make harassing calls to lawmakers when they know this legislation is not going to be taken up this week,” Pearson said. “Unlike the anti-gunners, we at the Illinois State Rifle Association value our members and only call on our members to take action when there is a real need to do so.”

Below is a copy of the alert EveryTown for Gun Safety sent out:

The Illinois state legislature returns to session this week, and it's likely the last time they'll convene this year. 
We are facing two public health crises at once. Gun violence persists in our communities despite stay-at-home orders across the country. We know that one key way we can reduce gun deaths in Illinois is to close loopholes in our firearm background checks system. Send a message now: Urge your state senator to pass SB 1966 to fix the FOID Card System. 
 Just last week, the Chicago Tribune reported that the highest rates of COVID infection are happening in the same Chicago communities that have high rates of violent crime. Addressing gaps in the Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID Card) system would ensure stronger background checks for all gun sales and help reduce the daily gun violence experienced in our most vulnerable communities. 
Tell your Illinois state senator the time to act is now: pass SB 1966!
Illinois Legislative Team
Everytown for Gun Safety 

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