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Benchrest League

4/22/2020-10/7/2020 - Range 4 - 8:00-Dusk

Event date: 9/30/2020 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Export event

Benchrest League shoots centerfire and rimfire bolt action rifles.  No caliber larger than a .308 is allowed.  No flash arrestors and no muzzle brakes are allowed.  Shooters may use a semi-auto but it must be loaded single shot at a time.  Members only.  A brass catcher must also be provided by the shooter.  This league is for people who love extreme accuracy.  New shooters are welcome.  Contact: Mark Lincoln at 630.460.0241 or email lincolnmark308@gmail.com or Jim Stearns at 815.458.2474 or email jms597@comcast.net
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