Agenda for Lobby Day - Tuesday, October 29, 2019


The Illinois State Rifle Association will sponsor a scaled down version of IGOLD on Tuesday, October 29th.  The venue for the meeting is the Howlett Building Auditorium which only holds about 500 people.  The purpose of this event is to stop in and see your State Senator and ask them to vote NO on SB1966.   If it passes the Senate, the Governor will surely sign it.  As long as you are there, take time to go see your State Representative.  If you are unable to be present, please call your State Senator and State Representative from your home or work.

We will begin in the Howlett Building Auditorium at 9:00am, give a legislative update and overview of our goals, and a briefing on lobbying the Legislators before heading to the Capitol to lobby.  The Howlett Building is on the south end of the Capitol Complex.  You will need to enter through the east entrance of the Howlett Building or the east entrance of the Capitol Building.  The east entrance of the Capitol Building may be easier because they have more scanners.  These are secured entrances so be prepared to go through a security check.  

Agenda for Lobby Day - Tuesday, October 29, 2019:

9:00 am               Meet at the Howlett Building Auditorium

9:30 am               Pledge of Allegiance

9:35 am               Legislative Update

9:45 am               Overview of our goal

10:00 am             Briefing on lobbying the Legislators

10:15 am             Head to Capitol to lobby Senators

                           (If time permits, please lobby your Representative)


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