ISRA Smallbore Rifle League & ISRA Smallbore F-Class Rifle League

5/14/2020-9/3/2020 - Range 5 - 2:00-Dusk

All matches will be on Thursday afternoon and evenings from 2:00-7:30. The course of fire is 20 shots at 50 yards (A-23 target), 20 shots at 50 yards (A-27 target), and 20 shots at 100 yards (A-25 target). 
Targets are furnished.  All shooting is prone, with a one shot minute time limit.  NRA Smallbore Rules apply as well as all NRA rules and tie breaking procedures.
F-Class matches will follow the same course of fire, but may be fired on A-27, A-51, and A-33 targets.

Awards:  Juniors must shoot at least five matches to qualify for awards.  Adults must shoot eight matches to qualify for awards. In the event a shooter fires in excess of the minimum, 
only the top five or eight matches will count for score and season average.  This is not a “cut throat” competition.  It is an “instructional” and learning experience.  
We would love to see all people who bought CMP smallbore rifles participate.

Cost:  $3.00 per match.  Ammo will be furnished to juniors.  Loaner rifles are available to juniors.

Author: ISRA Staff