Rainbow Council Troop 476, 0219

9/20/2019-9/22/2019 - Ranges 6 & 10 & Pavilion

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ISRA Marksmanship .22 Challenge

9/22/2019 - Range 10 - 11:00-2:00

Equipment needed: .22 pistol and 3 10-round magazines, .22 rifle and 3 10-round magazines.
2 stages - .22 pistol shot at 15 yards, .22 rifle shot at 25 yards
10 rounds per stage for 5 plates - Time is your score - misses add 30 seconds per miss to score
Like the Marksmanship League, this event will divide competitors into classes based on ability.
There will also be a class for youth (rifle only) as well as concurrent classes for ladies and seniors.
To qualify for finals and rewards on 10/20/2019, participants must compete in 2 matches plus finals.
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Springfield Armory Pistol Match

9/22/2019 - Range 11 - 8:00-Noon

2019 Springfield Armory Pistol Matches will be held on Range 11, from 8:30am-Noon July 21 and August 18; and Range 10 on September 22. Limited to Springfield Armory XD, XDM and 1911s, using Springfield targets.  Open to public.

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ISRA Marksmanship League

9/22/2019 - Range 8 - 9:00-12:00

ISRA Marksmanship League
ISRA Range - Bonfield, Illinois
Range 8 - 9:00am to Noon

The ISRA Marksmanship league is entering its third season

The league was developed for ALL shooters as a fun type of competition for all ability levels
Previous experience or zero experience ALL are welcome
The league offers various divisions –Centerfire Pistol, and Revolver, Sub compact pistol, and
22 Pistol and 22 rifle
Classes for seniors (65 and over) Ladies as well as youth (under 21)
Scoring is based on the Lewis class (luck of the draw) system
Time and accuracy are the foundation for our presentations varying monthly as we shoot paper targets from bullseye style to zombie from the low ready position
Each event is 50 rounds shot in two 25 round sections (48 rounds 2 -24 round sections for revolvers)
Equipment needed - firearm and 3 magazines or 4 speed loaders (revolvers)

Participants may shoot as many or as few events as they desire
$5.00 per event; re-shoots are $2.00 - Best score used

2019 dates:
March 24, April 14, April 27, May 12, May 25, June 9, June 15, July 20, July 28, August 17, August 25, September 22, September 28
Finals Sunday October 20 for all participants followed by a BBQ lunch prepared by our resident chefs and awards

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