ISRA Thursday Bulletin - September 26, 2019

by Richard Pearson

Last week I attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Phoenix, Arizona.  This year’s GRPC was the largest ever held with nearly 1100 people registered.  I can tell you the room was jam packed. The high attendance at this year’s conference was undoubtedly driven by concerns about the rising anti-gun movement in the United States, the Democratic candidates openly supporting firearm confiscation, and the high percentage of the gun owners in the Southwestern United States.  There were people there from other countries as well.  In all, there were 91 speakers.  This is the greatest single gun rights conference in the world.  Next year’s conference will be in Orlando, Florida, on September 18th, 19th, and 20th.  You should plan on attending.

I can’t thank Beto O’Rourke enough for espousing the Left’s true position for everyone to see and hear.  The plan is to divide gun owners and then try to ban firearms by type, one by one.  They are relentless, organized and well-funded.  We have our work cut out for us. 

One of the topics of the GRPC was the court cases that are gradually, but relentlessly, moving toward the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  Before I update you on the court cases, I want to warn you about the SCOTUS.  The SCOTUS looks favorable right now but by the time the cases get there, that could change.  Even if it does not change, you can’t depend on the Justices to see it our way.  Betting on the SCOTUS is definitely putting all of our eggs in one basket.  That is very dangerous when it comes to the Supreme Court or any Court.  Courts are political and don’t ever forget it.  The only thing we can control in the process is ourselves.

To get a case heard before the Supreme Court, the Court has to grant a Certiorari Petition (informally called a Petition of Cert).  There are several reasons a Cert Petition may be denied.  The case may not be the one they want to deal with right now, the case may not contain the arguments they feel are important, the case may have not been argued well enough or any reason the Justices decide.  The Supreme Court of the United States has not dealt with any Second Amendment issues since Heller and McDonald.  That is about to change.

A Petition of Cert has been granted in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. New York City.  What this case is actually looking at is establishing the Second Amendment Right to have a firearm outside your home.  If you are lucky enough to get a permit for a pistol in New York City, you must keep it in your home.  The only place you can take it is to one of the seven ranges in New York City.  It is illegal for you to take it to a range in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or anywhere else, for any reason.  It is a crime if you transport it out of the City of New York.  The new session of the Supreme Court begins on the final Monday of October.

In New Jersey, the case of Rogers v. Grewal has not been granted a Petition of Cert but I hope it will be.  In order for New Jersey to get a carry permit, the applicant for the permit must have a justifiable need.  Of course, you must apply to an anti-gun bureaucrat so few permits are granted by the almighty State of New Jersey.  There are cases of people being murdered while waiting for approval.  There is a famous case of woman who had an Order of Protection against a guy, had been waiting two years for a New Jersey pistol permit and, of course, was murdered.  The gun laws in New Jersey are draconian and should be struck down.  It is the worst place in the United States.

The ISRA will be applying for a Petition of Cert in the Wilson v. Cook County which is a so-called assault weapon and magazine ban.  There are others out there.  I will keep you informed as these or any other cases progress.

Last week, I revealed the proposed rules for the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act.  This week, I am including instructions on how to comment on the rulemaking:

The Illinois Administrative Procedure Act dictates the rulemaking process.  The purpose of Administrative Rules is to clarify state statute, and if an agency is going to implement a program in which the agency has discretion, the Administrative Rules must include standards the agency will use in exercising its discretion.  Additionally, rules cannot exceed the authority the agency has in the law.

Anyone may comment on the Proposed Rules for the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act.  Your comments should be in writing and be specific to the problem or concern you have with a specific part of the Proposed Rules.  This is not the forum to debate the merits of the underlying law.  It is an opportunity to point out flaws in the Proposed Rules that will guide the implementation of the law.  This is your chance to influence the content of the Administrative Rules.  The legislators who make up the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will receive a summary of the public comments, along with the agency’s responses to the comments. 

Comments will be received by State Police through October 7, 2019, and should be sent to:

Mr. Matthew Rentschler
Department of State Police
801 S. Seventh St., Suite 1000-S
Springfield, IL 62703

If you have not yet taken advantage of our upgrade special for a Life, Endowment, Patron or Benefactor member, time is running out.  Your envelope must be postmarked by September 30th.

Thanks for being a member.

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