ISRA Thursday Bulletin - August 22, 2019

by Richard Pearson

The recent gun battle that ensued during a drug raid in Philadelphia had Democrat presidential candidates chattering like the inhabitants of an ape house at the zoo.  In fact, their rant started before the facts were out.  When the facts did appear, the chirping suddenly stopped.  The anti-gun side has narratives that are aimed at tarnishing the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners.  This one blew up in their face.  It turned out this bad actor is the star example of what we have been saying all along.  This guy should have never been out on the streets.  This country is plagued by politically motivated judges and persecutors.  This guy is an example of what happens.  The police arrested him but the prosecutors either plea bargain charges or in some cases, don’t even bother to charge some people.  The shooter in Philadelphia wasn’t even charged and was allowed to walk on a felony the last time he was arrested; he had been convicted six times and was allowed to walk.  Chicago is famous for this type of soft on crime attitude.
A few years ago, there was a little girl who was killed by a stray bullet fired by an evil doer.  The police, ATF and other law enforcement agencies had enough on this guy to put him away for 504 years had they arrested him and convicted him and this was before he killed the little girl.  That little girl would be alive had the authorities done their job.  What is the threshold for getting these habitual criminals off the street?  Apparently 504 years was not enough, so is it 600 years, 700 years or what?  How about the guy in Philadelphia - six convictions weren’t enough, so is the magic number seven, eight, nine or ten?  I am not opposed to the idea of a second chance but these people are milking the system and the system seems to be helping them.  The problem is drug-fueled gangs and this problem will continue until we make being part of that culture a really bad idea.  I know we are all told that drug use is a victimless crime.  So, does that mean when we get the weekend shooting statistics from Chicago, caused by drug-fueled gangs, that these people aren’t victims?  Then, of course, we have these examples of the crazy people who get guns and commit some awful shooting.  Nobody knows anything and somehow a few days after one of these horrific events, somebody did know something but did nothing.  Parents have a 25-year-old son sitting in their basement in his underwear playing video games and they don’t think anything is wrong?  Come on!  Most of the time, it is more than one person who knows something.  Illinois does have mental health background checks and so do quite a few others states.  The systems are there, someone has to use them.  

Red Flag Laws can raise havoc with the Second Amendment Rights of the wrong people.  This has been one of the worries of Second Amendment advocates from the beginning.  The perfect example of how everything can go wrong recently happened in St. Cloud, Florida.  Jonathan Carpenter was sitting in his living room when the postman knocked on his door.  When he opened the door, he was handed a letter informing him that he had to turn in his firearms because of an injunction filed against him alleging domestic violence.  Mr. Carpenter had never been involved in any such incident.  Mr. Carpenter headed down to the Osceola County Courthouse to get this straightened out.  After speaking to the Sheriff, it was discovered they indeed had the wrong man.  There was another Jonathan Carpenter and they clearly had the wrong man.  The problem was it did not matter.  The not guilty Jonathan Carpenter still had to give up his guns and go to court.  Of course, the anti-gunners say this is a small price to pay.  That is because they did not have to pay the price.  It apparently does not matter since the not guilty Mr. Carpenter is just one of those deplorable gun owners.  Maybe it should matter.  Someone besides Mr. Carpenter should have to pay the price.

Dove season will be here on September 1st.  Doves offer the greatest wing-shooting experience ever.  If you haven’t gotten your shotgun out yet, now is the time.  Please be sure to inspect your shotgun and make sure the barrel is clear.  Even a spider web can rupture a shotgun barrel.  When buying dove loads, I prefer trap loads.  They offer better patterns and are often cheaper. 

A month from tomorrow, Fall will be upon us.  October brings archery deer season, with all the other hunting seasons close behind.  For those going out of state, be sure to sight-in with the exact same ammunition you are going to hunt with.  Each year, the ISRA runs a Sighting-In-Day and people show up with cheaper ammunition to sight-in with.  Don’t do that because the cheaper stuff will not shoot the same way as your hunting ammunition.  Also, don’t shoot from a hot barrel; let the barrel cool between shots. You have waited all year for a good shot.  Don’t blow it by not being properly prepared.

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