ISRA Thursday Bulletin - July 18, 2019

by Richard Pearson

As you know by now, the Illinois State Rifle Association has filed for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the enforcement of the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.  The request was filed Tuesday in the Circuit Court for The Seventh Judicial District, Sangamon County.  If we receive the TRO we will file for a Permanent injunction against the GDL Act.  We will keep you posted on what happens.  

Senate Bill 337 was passed in the 100th General Assembly but was never sent to then Governor Bruce Rauner because Second Amendment rights opponents knew he would veto it.  After Governor JB Pritzker was sworn in as Governor, SB 337 was sent to him even though the 100th General Assembly had ended and the 101st General Assembly had already begun.

The law requires federally licensed gun dealers to obtain a state license to sell firearms.  Federal licenses cost $90 for three years.  A dealer with no posted hours must pay $300 for a three-year license – more than 300 percent of what the cost of a federal dealer license is.  If a dealer has posted hours (even as little as one hour), the dealer must pay $1,500 for a three-year state license – more than 16 times the cost of a federal license. 

The political gamesmanship to get this legislation signed into law is appalling.  Rules and deadlines apparently mean nothing to advocates for gun control.  Senate Bill 337 should have died in the 100th General Assembly and as a result, we are left with no choice but to challenge this terrible new law in court.  The federal government already licenses gun dealers.  All this does is create more red tape and increase the cost of doing business. 

According to a recent news report from the Center Square, there are 2,351 federally licensed firearms dealers in Illinois but only 1,140 of those dealers applied for states licenses – a difference of 1,211 or more than half the number of federally licensed dealers.  

There are now more than 1,200 local businesses no longer in business thanks to this law.  It is a blow to the Second Amendment and to the Illinois economy.  This law was never about public safety.  It was always intended to have a chilling effect on the firearms industry, and it is working.  The ISRA will keep fighting to get this onerous law overturned.

This is the 100th anniversary of the National Rifle Association Smallbore National Championships.  The Illinois State Rifle Association will hold our 83rd consecutive State Championship on September 7 and 8 at the ISRA Range in Bonfield.  This event will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NRA Championships.  The ISRA Championship is now the longest running, continuous Smallbore Championships in the United States.  The NRA Championships were not held during WWII but the ISRA Championships were.   The ISRA is proud of our tradition of holding and participating in the finest marksmanship events in the Nation.

The County Sanctuary has gained a foothold in Texas.  The Presidio County Commissioners have voted unanimously to become a Sanctuary County for Gun Rights.  The unusual part of this story is that the Commissioners of Presidio County are all Democrats.  Gun Rights cut across party lines.  Presidio County is 3855 square miles which is larger than some countries.

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