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Accessories to (Your) Murder

 Accessories to (Your) Murder

When it became inevitable that Illinois would finally enact concealed carry, leaders of the pro-self defense movement began preparing for the political and legislative backlash that was sure to follow. After all, the gun-grabbers had invested a lot of money and political capital into stalling Illinois' efforts to become the 50th state permitting citizens to defend themselves. Oddly, some within the anti-self defense camp believed that, pass or fail, Illinois' concealed carry efforts would be the catalyst needed to spark a nationwide repeal of concealed carry laws.

 So here we are in late March and the anti-CCW barrage is well underway at the Illinois Capitol. Gun-grabbing legislators are tripping all over themselves to introduce legislation to eliminate advantages concealed carry gives the citizen over violent muggers, murderers, robbers and rapists. Once again, the gun-hating left has made its expectations abundantly clear. The gun-haters expect citizens to learn to live with and accept criminal behavior rather than expect criminals to conform to society's norms.

 Here is a taste of just some of the anti-self defense legislation introduced during this session of the Illinois General Assembly.

SB2669 - introduced by Sen. Don Harmon, this bill could change the law and only permit persons to carry defensive firearms where and when signs are displayed specifically stating that concealed carry was allowed. Thus, Sen. Harmon would force you to remain defenseless against criminals unless you could find a location where Harmon's special sign was posted. A similar bill (HB4779) was introduced in the House by Rep. Emanuel Welch.

SB3559 - introduced by Sen. Kwame Raoul, this bill would prohibit concealed carry permit holders from having more than one firearm or more than 10 rounds of ammunition on their person. Of course, nothing in Raoul's proposal limits how many guns or how much ammunition criminals may carry. Raoul is not shy about his dislike of firearm owners and SB3559 indicates just how little he cares about the well being of the good people of Illinois.

SB3561 and 3572 - introduced by veteran gun grabber Sen. Dan Kotowski, each of these two bills would have the state step in and direct churches and other houses of worship to prohibit concealed firearms on their property. Kotowski enthusiasm for destroying the 2nd Amendment is now bleeding over to the 1st Amendment as well.

 HB4319 - introduced by gun-hater Rep. Scott Drury, this bill would prohibit members of the VFW or American Legion from carrying concealed firearms in their own Posts. Eliminating the right to self defense is a great way to honor our vets, right?

 HB4517 - introduced by anti-gun Rep. Kenneth Dunkin, this bill would prohibit concealed carry in ALL restaurants. In effect, Dunkin's bill would let criminals declare open season on restaurant-goers.

Each of the above proposals would seriously diminish the effectiveness of concealed carry - and that's something that you should take very personally. Let's face it, we're talking about the safety of you and your family. The more the antigunners whittle away at the scope of concealed carry, the more dangerous the world becomes for the rest of us.

The fact of the matter is, legislators who promote an anti-self defense agenda are turning you and your family into sitting ducks for violent thuggery. Guys like Kwame Raoul, Dan Kotowski and Scott Drury pose as much of a threat to your family's security as does the guy hiding in the shadows with a bludgeon in his hand. In effect, anti-self defense legislators like Raoul, Kotowski and Drury become accessories to whatever crimes you and your family are forced to endure.

Self preservation requires swift and decisive action. If the good citizens of Illinois are to maintain even a moderate degree of safety and security, then these anti-self defense proposals need to be defeated before they ever get to the floor for debate.

These are the things you need to do, NOW, to help maintain the safety and security of you and your family:

 1. Call your State Senator and State Representative, TODAY, and politely tell them to vote against he above listed proposals and any other such anti-self defense legislation that comes down the pike. Tell your elected officials that you do not want the scope of concealed carry diminished, taxed or further regulated. Make it clear that you believe that you have a right to defend yourself and your family from harm using the most effective means known - the defensive firearm. If you do not know who your senator or representative is, then click here:

 2. Pass this alert along to all your friends and family and tell them to contact their elected officials as well. Remind your friends and family that there are politicians out there who really don't care what happens to them.

 3. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards or blogs to which you belong.

 4. Help us, help you by making a generous legislative donation here.

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