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Nike Shoe Company had a special Betsy Ross Flag shoe to release for the Fourth of July holiday. The white shoe with red trim featured a replica of the famous flag she sewed on the heel. 

Ordinarily, this would be received as a fun, patriotic gesture and a clever way to sell more shoes. In our insane world of political correctness, a shoe featuring Betsy Ross’ flag is now seen as offensive and something that must be banned.

Failed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly complained to Nike saying that the flag is offensive because of the existence of slavery in the early days of America. Nike buckled under the tiniest bit of pressure from unemployed Colin Kaepernick and pulled the shoe from stores. 

The Fourth of July holiday is a holiday for all Americans regardless of color or creed. It is a holiday to celebrate the freedom and the values that have made our country great. Nike and Kaepernick’s focus on past transgressions is only going to serve to divide our nation. Instead of litigating the past, let’s focus on the future and focus on what should be a unifying holiday to bring our nation together. 

Nike is a private company and can pull their own products off the shelves if they so choose. But this incident should serve as a reminder of what is at stake in the culture war being waged in our nation. The same people who see hate when they see Betsy Ross’ flag are the same people working every day to undermine and shred our Constitutional rights. 

We need patriots to take a stand for freedom by joining us in defending our Constitution and especially defending our 2nd Amendment rights that are under assault every single day. 

This July 4th, toss your Nike shoes, wave your American flag and help us help you hold onto your guns and your 2nd Amendment rights as citizens of this great country.

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