ISRA Thursday Bulletin - April 11, 2019

by Richard Pearson

The Gun Sanctuary County movement which started in Effingham County, Illinois has now spread throughout the country.  In Washington State two more counties have declared themselves Gun Sanctuary Counties.  Here in Illinois, Carroll County has now joined the ranks of the resistance.  More are pending.

Under the guise of a solution to the Aurora shooting, Representative Kathleen Willis (D-77 Northlake) has proposed draconian legislation that is an attack on every gun owner.  This proposal, if passed, would destroy personal gun ownership by law-abiding citizens in Illinois, which is the goal of the anti-gunners. Willis’s bill, HB96 FA1(Floor Amendment 1) attacks gun owners in several ways.  First, it would require every FOID card applicant and FOID card renewal holder, to be fingerprinted.  The cost of this would be astronomical, up to $250.   Moreover, the applicants would have to pay for their own background investigation.  That may be $100 or more.  Each applicant would have to go to a fingerprint vendor and have their prints taken electronically.

Second, every applicant, new or renewal, would have to go to an Illinois State Police District office to apply in person.  There are only 22 Illinois State Police District Headquarters in the State.  Even if anyone in their right mind wanted to do it that way, it would mean every district headquarters would have to do 87 per day.  Where would everyone park, where would they sit, what space would they use, what about restrooms?  None of those things exist.  Staffing would be a nightmare.  The applicants themselves would have to travel miles.  What if you didn’t have transportation and were handicapped?

By now, you are probably thinking why am I explaining all of this if you are going to refuse to do it anyway?  Because I want you to understand how poorly all of this is/was thought out.  These anti-gunners claim they care.  They don’t.  They also want to attack every gun owner.  Every gun owner needs to understand they are the target.  All the talk about crime control is just a ruse.

This bill also mandates that every firearm sold or transferred must go through a dealer which would create a de facto firearm registry.  You also can’t loan a firearm to anyone else for hunting or recreational shooting.  There are other little gems in HB 96 FA 1.  This bill exposes where the anti-gun side wants to go.  This must not happen.

Sound the alarm to every firearm owner you know.  While you are at it, be sure they join the ISRA.

Thanks for being a member.

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