ISRA Thursday Bulletin - April 4, 2019

by Richard Pearson

In my last Thursday Bulletin, I spoke about our most recent Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) but failed to mention one quite impressive element.  One of our faithful members, Joyce Lindelof, 91 years young, not only attended IGOLD, but marched to the Capitol along with many of you.  Joyce has been an active ISRA member for many years.  We can all learn a lot from her dedication to our Second Amendment rights.  Thank you Joyce and we hope to see you next year!   

Recently you may have heard about a California case known as Duncan v Becerra.  This case challenges California’s magazine ban which was passed in 2016 on Proposition 63.  California’s Constitution allows for referendums which is one of the reasons California has so many nutty laws.  In this case the citizens of California voted to restrict the Second Amendment rights of California’s gun owners.

A Federal District Court Judge concluded that the rights of citizens are not subject to popular vote.  This is exactly why the Founders adopted the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and why we are a Republic.  While these safeguards don’t keep all of the nitwits out of government, it filters out some of them and their dumb ideas considerably.  This does not stop anyone from changing the Constitution which is on their agenda.

Duncan v Becerra is far from the law of the land.  This case will go to the Ninth Federal Circuit and on the way to United States Supreme Court.

Our Illinois case, Wilson v Cook County, is further along than the California case.  The Wilson case includes the Illinois State Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation and is scheduled for first arguments TODAY before the Seventh Circuit.  This case, in my opinion, is destined for the United States Supreme Court also.

One thing I have learned from the many court cases the ISRA has been involved in is that these cases take a long time and they are expensive.  I do not expect a decision on the Wilson case until next year.  Whatever the decision, the losing side will push the case to the United States Supreme Court.

Illinois Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) is at it again. This time Morrison introduced Senate Amendment 1 (SA1) to Senate Bill 717 (SB0717).  SA1 would require The Secretary of State to suspend a person’s driver’s license if their FOID is revoked.  The Secretary of State could only reinstate the driver’s license when they receive documentation from the Illinois State Police.

It is true there are some bad actors out there but there are also people who only get caught up in the system.  Either way, it is difficult, if not impossible, to hold a job and provide for your family or take care of your personal affairs without a driver’s license.

This would be a bureaucratic nightmare for everyone, the Illinois State Police, the Secretary of State and particularly, the Secretary of State employees, as well as the court system.  I believe that neither the Illinois State Police nor the Secretary of State wants any part of this.  Meanwhile, Morrison will waltz away and never have to look back at the trail of destruction she left behind.

United we stand and divided we fall has never been truer for gun owners.  Right now, gun owners in Illinois are waking up from their five year nap they took after concealed carry was passed.  When we pushed for concealed carry the ISRA membership was a few short of 32,000.  After the Concealed Carry Act was signed, the ISRA lost about 10,000 members within the next two or three years.  We have gained about half of that back.  These battles need to be thought of in decades and not years.  Had we not lost so many members, the battles we are facing would not be as difficult as they are now.  The ISRA needs to get to 50,000 members as soon as possible.  I need your help with that. 

As of today, we are down to 28 Legislative days in the Spring 2019 Session.  That means things will become fast and furious at any moment.  I would expect the worst of it will begin after the first of May.  Stand by for action.

We will be at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on April 26, 27 and 28.  Out booth number is 1406.  Stop by and see us. Every Illinois gun owner should be there.

Thanks for being a member.  
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