Thursday, December 20, 2018

ISRA Legal Assistance Committee


The end of the year is fast approaching but there is still time to make a tax-deductible donation to the Illinois Rifle Association’s Legal Assistance Committee.

The Legal Assistance Committee works tireless to defend gun owners in court against infringements on their right to keep and bear arms and to pursue cases against government authorities who are enacting laws aimed at punishing law abiding gun owners. Gun control activists often use the courts to try to accomplish what they can’t get done through the legislative process. This is where the Illinois State Rifle Association’s Legislative Assistance Committee goes to work. 

We defend honest gun owners in court and we pursue legal action against government authorities overstepping their bounds by enacting laws to undermine the 2nd Amendment. 

Fighting these battles in court is an important and unfortunately expensive undertaking. We have many great attorneys who stand ready to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights in court, but the cost to litigate these cases is extensive. 

As you contemplate the end of year and possible charitable donations, please consider donating to the ISRA Legal Assistance Committee. All donations to the Legal Assistance Committee are tax deductible.

Your generosity helps us fight gun control advocates in our courts. Defending good citizens against government oppression costs a lot of money but with your generous support, we can make a difference for the honest gun owners we champion in court. 

We should not have to fight these court battles. Our Constitution should be enough, but sadly we cannot take anything for granted. We need your help to keep fighting in 2019. Please consider donating to our Legal Assistance Committee today.
Send a donation to the ISRA Legal Assistance Committee, PO Box 494, Chatsworth, IL 60921 and donate today! Remember all donations to the Legal Assistance Committee are tax deductible. The only we way win is if we stand together. Please donate today

Richard Pearson
ISRA Legal Assistance Committee Chairman

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