ISRA Thursday Bulletin - September 13, 2018

by Richard Pearson

Recent research by John Lott has brought to light interesting facts regarding concealed carry.  Nationally, in 2018, the number of concealed carry permits has grown to 17.25 million.  Last year, the number of permits had grown 890,000, the most in any year.  It is important to understand that 14 states do not require permits and are not counted in any of the above numbers.  It is certainly possible that there are 25 to 30 million people carrying firearms for self-defense.  Alabama has 22.1% of the adults carrying, followed by Indiana with 17.9% and South Dakota with 17.1%.  Four states have over 1,000,000 permits: Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas.  

When I was interviewed prior to the passing of concealed carry in Illinois, I predicted women, minorities and the elderly would benefit most from concealed carry.  John Lott’s latest research bears that prediction in terms of growth of permits.  When compared to white men, the growth rate among women is 111% higher, blacks 20% higher and Asians 29% higher.  I did not find a number for the elderly but I still think that benefits tremendously from concealed carry. 

When one looks down the states by percentage of adults carrying concealed, it is obvious that politics play a heavy role in how many carry.   In states like New York, New Jersey, and the worst of them all, Hawaii, the numbers are suppressed.  While Illinois is now up the over 310,000 range, that could change if the wrong person is elected governor.  Remember the day of reckoning is coming.  It will be disastrous for firearm owners if J.B. Pritzker is elected. 

John Lott is a leading researcher and debunker of pervasive left-wing anti-gun baloney.  His organization is the Crime Prevention Research Center.  Please check out the organization at  

The Chicago crime wave continues to capture the headlines week after week.  The 2016 numbers are in and they show the clearance rate for the shootings at a dismal 5%.  That means 1 out of 20 are charged.  

I am not going to blame the Chicago Police Department for these failures.  The Chicago PD has had their hands tied behind their backs.  They are short of patrol officers, detectives, money and support from the city administration.  Meanwhile, the drug fueled gangs are running over everyone.  It is well known that if you sign a complaint, testify or even talk to the police, you and your loved ones will face retribution from the gangs.  

If the police do make an arrest, the Cook County State’s Attorney doesn’t prosecute with much vigor.  Gun crimes are dropped or plea bargained down to nothing.  These problems can be laid on the doorsteps of City Hall and Cook County.  It is also obvious that the city does not have the backs of their law enforcement.  These policies have a demoralizing effect on both the police force and individual policemen.  It is easy to blame the law-abiding firearm owners and firearms for these problems because it is the politically expedient thing to do.  It is also a smoke screen used to avoid talking about a 49% school dropout rate, no jobs and every type of tax available that drives employers and working people out of the city.

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