Is the US Still the World’s Best Armory?

by Jay Chambers

While the answer to this question is quite obvious, we’ll dig out information and proof to support the fact that yes, the United States is still the world’s best and biggest armory.

Some may think that the States have lost this battle and that Russia is better equipped – but the US remains undefeated and the latter is only given the second place. Of course, it doesn’t only dominate this aspect in numbers, but also in the available and new technologies that are being added to the US armory every year.

Let’s just cut the chatter and see why this country’s armory is still the best in the world.


We’ll start off easy, providing you with some numbers related to the budget and equipment of the US armory.

Compared to the second-best armory out there – Russia’s – the budget allocated for the one of the United States is of $601 billion, which is seven times the budget of the Russian armory. Of course, having been engaged in so many conflicts, it’s only natural that the country will develop and equip its forces properly, in case of any unpleasant events.

With the $601 billion budget comes an active frontline personnel of 1,400,000 people that are serving in the US military. And they are, of course, part of the armory. A country can have as many devices, weapons, and technologies, but it still needs a well-trained soldier to operate them.

When it comes to the US military personnel, we can admit that it is more than just amazing – there, people have a heightened sense of patriotism and love for their country, a thing that can’t be seen in many countries. The American soldier is characterized by dedication, the power of will, and love for his or her country – and this makes him/ her one of the most important parts of the US armory.

But, in order for the States to be on par with the other countries, they need war machines. Their armory is in charge of 8,848 tanks, which are quite a few, compared to the other military forces in the world. However, when it comes to the air force, the 13,892 total aircraft just speak for themselves.

To assist those aircraft, the US has available 10 aircraft carriers, which represent their biggest advantage – especially when compared to the country with the second-most carriers, India, which is currently building its third aircraft carrier.

A Small Spending Comparison

The United States represents 37% of the world’s military spending. You may think that China, which is a larger country, would spend more on its military – also due to the political situation and neighbors it has.

However, China is the second spender when it comes to the military – the first one being, of course, the US, which spends more than four times the amount China does. And that is just more than impressive.

The Armory Itself

Of course, we couldn’t talk about the world’s best armory – and prove that it really is – without showcasing some of the weapons and machines it has in it. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, you will see some of the reasons why the United States still has the best armory.

·         The AH – 64 Apache

Of course, we’ve all heard, or maybe even seen US’ Apache helicopters. They spell sheer force and destructive power, given the Hellfire missiles they have equipped on. It also displays a 30-millimeter cannon and because of its speed and range, it is one of the most viable choices when facing insurgents or armored columns. It is one item in the US armory that has been used in the Afghan war, as well as in the Desert Storm conflict.

·         TOW Anti – Tank Missile

Before getting into the M-1 Abrams, let’s look at something the US has that might neutralize it completely. The TOW has been in the service of the United States for almost 45 years, and it has never failed – featuring wire-guided, tube-launched, and optically tracked missiles, it has played its role well in the Iran-Iraq War, the Arab-Israeli War, and in Vietnam.

There’s also the 2B version of the TOW, which adds some nifty features to the already very destructive piece of equipment – notable being the Aero model missile, designed to explode right above the tank in order to destroy the thin armor on its top.

·         M-1 Abrams

Just as the Apache helicopters, the M-1 Abrams is another iconic piece of the United States’ armory. Worth mentioning about this armory piece is that very few of them have been actually destroyed in combat. Equipped with a depleted-uranium armor that’s up to three feet thick, and has a weight of 60 tons, and a top speed of 40 mph, I think it’s safe to say that it would be very hard for someone or something to destroy such a massive tank. Not to mention the 120-millimeter cannon that has destroyed Iraq’s tanks equipped with armor made in the USSR in 1991.

·         M-2 .50-Caliber Machine Gun

We don’t know if it’s quite worth it to put red dots vs the enemies while using this machine gun – it can take down aircraft, vehicles and, of course, personnel. Therefore, a perfect aim is not required in order to use one of the US Armory’s best weapons.

It’s worth mentioning that this machine gun is around 80 years old – its development began around the time when Franklin Roosevelt started his presidency. However, this weapon has seen some upgrades as well – the M2A1 recent upgrade comes equipped with a night flash suppressor and a quick-change barrel, and it’s probably everything this miniature cannon needs to stay put in the United States Armory.

Is It the Best?

Well, as mentioned in the previous statements – both the numbers and the equipment related to the armory of the United States prove that it is still the world’s best.

The personnel are as dedicated as always, ready to fight for its country, and the war machines they have in store – despite some of them being quite of age – are ready to provide the army with the support it needs. 

Jay Chambers is a pro-free speech business owner and writes over at Minute Man Review.
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