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 “We applaud the Governor for taking action to save lives.  Studies in both Indiana and Connecticut indicate that similar laws to HB2354 reduce gun related suicide death by 7% to 13%.”

“As the Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, it is my job to make sure legislation does not deny the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens to bear arms.  The legislation was vetted against similar laws in other states and has been found to have the potential to be a model to temporarily keep firearms out of the hands of those that might be having mental health issues.”

Illinois already denies FOID cards to those with mental health problems or those who are a danger to themselves or others.  What HB2354 does is actually cover the gap if something suddenly happens to a person that requires immediate action.

“Today’s action by Governor Rauner on HB2354 is a proactive approach to temporarily remove firearms from the people that potentially would do harm to themselves or others,  while insuring due process for all involved.”


Richard A. Pearson

ISRA Executive Director

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