Participant Plaintiffs Needed



The Illinois State Rifle Association has been asked to partner with the Firearms Policy Coalition of California and the Second Amendment Foundation of Washington (who we have successfully partnered with in McDonald v. Chicago and Ezell v. City of Chicago, among others) in pursuing the potential challenges:

  • Federal FOID Challenge - Anywhere within the State is fine. We are seeking both male and female Plaintiffs, so anyone who is interested in participating in such a challenge should contact us.


  • 18-20 Year-Old Carry Ban Challenge – Anywhere within the State is fine. We are seeking Plaintiffs who either have a FOID card, or who have their parents’ consent/sponsorship to get one. The participant must also have the ability to lawfully acquire a handgun.


  • Cook County Assault Weapons Ban - Any ISRA members who reside in Cook County who are interested in participating in an effort to change this law and overturn some incorrect Court decisions should contact us.


 Please contact Laura at 815.635.3198 or email laura@isra.org as soon as possible if you are willing to participate.

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