ISRA Credit Card

The Illinois State Rifle Association is excited to launch the ISRA Credit Card in partnership with Services Credit Union (SCU). You can apply starting on February 1st, 2020. Master your financial health this year and take advantage of a credit card that supports the ISRA and works for qualifying applicants with features like:

• No annual fee

• Low annual percentage rate (APR) on everyday purchases

• No balance transfer fee

• Competitive rewards program with cashback options

• Access to online card management tools

Springfield Illinois
Our 5 full time lobbyists are always working when the General Assembly is in session.
NRA Day 2018 AR
Education & Training
Dedicated to education, safety training for our youth.
ISRA Range F Class
F Class Competition Participants
Education - Range Shooting
MAG Classes at the ISRA Range
The renowned Massad Ayoob holds regular MAG classes at our range. One participant practices his new found skills.
Winter Wars
Winter Wars
The Winter Wars Matches are coming back again this year! Our annual High Power rifle romp in the cold at the ISRA Range at Bonfield, IL. Shake off that cabin fever and get back in touch with some of your favorite relic battle rifles, for a little fun and a little frost-bite!
ISRA Airgun Leagues
The Indoor Air Rifle and Air Pistol Leagues are a great way to sharpen your shooting skills at our ISRA Range.
A-Black Powder
Muzzle Loading Championship
Sparks and smoke fly at the ISRA Muzzle Loading Championship at the ISRA range. The ISRA supports all sorts of shooting enthusiasts.
ISRA Headline News
ISRA Internet Maintenance

ISRA Internet Maintenance


Starting today, July 26, 2019, and for the next week, there is construction and upgrade to the internet backbone serving the ISRA office and the surrounding area.  Please be patient when contacting the office via email  or phone during this period.  This notice will be updated as needed.  Thank you for your understanding.



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Illinois House approves some of the nation’s most onerous regulations for gun owners

Illinois State Rifle Association vows to fight legislation in court if it passes

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