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Springfield Illinois

Our 5 full time lobbyists are always working when the General Assembly is in session.

Education & Training

Dedicated to education, safety training for our youth.

F Class Competition Participants

ISRA Range

MAG Classes at the ISRA Range

The renowned Massad Ayoob holds regular MAG classes at our range. One participant practices his new found skills.

Winter Wars

The Winter Wars Matches are coming back again this year! Our annual High Power rifle romp in the cold at the ISRA Range at Bonfield, IL. Shake off that cabin fever and get back in touch with some of your favorite relic battle rifles, for a little fun and a little frost-bite!

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Leagues

The Indoor Air Rifle and Air Pistol Leagues are a great way to sharpen your shooting skills at our ISRA Range.

Muzzle Loading Championship

Sparks and smoke fly at the ISRA Muzzle Loading Championship at the ISRA range. The ISRA supports all sorts of shooting enthusiasts.

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - July 30, 2020

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - July 30, 2020

by Richard Pearson

The saga of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s treachery in prosecuting Mark and Patricia McCloskey has taken another turn.  Apparently, the pistol Patricia McCloskey was holding was used in a previous court case and had been rendered inoperable so it could be brought into court.  It, therefore, was not a weapon.  Kim Gardner and her enterprising staff had the crime lab fix the gun so it was capable of being fired.  This was done to bring charges against the McCloskeys.  I’m going to guess this wasn’t the first time this was done in the Circuit Attorney’s office.  It sounds like the McCloskeys need to hire a snake charmer as well as an attorney.  Meanwhile, I have heard George Soros, who financed Gardner’s campaign, has left the United States.  No one seems to know where he went.  While that seems like good news, it really isn’t. This guy has long tentacles. 

Author: Lori (Admin)