Bob Houzenga

As a 30+ year veteran street-cop, Bob Houzenga brings a real world perspective to his teaching.  Combined with his competitive career that spans decades and has earned him six national titles and over 300 state and local titles, he is uniquely qualified as a firearms instructor.  Bob has served as a staff instructor for Massad Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute since the early `80s.  He is also the firearms instructor for his department and expert in Police Training for surrounding county and municipal departments.
In addition to his firearms credits Bob is a certified instructor in Kubotan/persuader, and Weapon Retention and Retrieval. He has trained in knife/counter-knife techniques as well.  His long list of training includes: Gunsite, Chapman Academy, Massad Ayoob, Jim Cirillo, John Farnam, and Joe Truncale.  In 1996 this cumulative experience came together when asked by several LFI graduates to provide a two-day advanced shooting course.  Together with fellow firearms instructor Andy Kemp, Bob created a program of fast paced drills for the advanced shooter, aptly called “Shoot `til Ya Puke”.  This was so successful that it soon became part of Massad Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute program under the banner of LFI-Advanced Handgun Skills.  It is, to date, the only course offering by LFI that is not designed and/or taught by Massad Ayoob.  That Massad would put his stamp of approval on the course and welcome it into his curriculum speaks volumes to Bob’s skill in building a training program and is an honor any firearms instructor can be proud of.
Bob Houzenga is currently Chief of Police in Camanche, Iowa. He is a Master class IPSC and IDPA competitor.  When he is not teaching or running the police department Bob often provides expert witness testimony on behalf of the defense in justifiable shooting cases.  He is a published author and has appeared in approximately two-dozen publications. Midwest Training Group is proud to have him as co-Director.

Andy Kemp

Andy Kemp brings 40+ years of shooting experience with him. He has been a staff firearms instructor for Massad Ayoob since the mid-90s and was also a staff instructor for John Farnam’s Defense Training International, giving him the rare honor of having instructor credentials with two of the Big Four schools.  In addition to firearms training, Andy is instructor-certified in Weapon Retention & Disarming and Kubotan/Persuader. Knife/Counter-Knife training and unarmed self-defense tactics supplement Andy’s regular firearms training, adding a more universal dimension to his instructing style. Over the years Andy has trained and taught with many of the most prestigious and nationally renowned firearms instructors including Massad Ayoob, Chuck Taylor, Bank Miller, the Chapman Academy, John Farnam, Joe Truncale, and Jim Cirillo. This diversity allows Andy to provide students with the full spectrum of techniques and philosophies. Andy was also co-creator/instructor for LFI-Advanced Handgun Skills, a high-intensity handgun skill development course added to the Lethal Force Institute curriculum and which now carries the MTG banner.
A “Master”-ranked IDPA competitor, Andy holds several state and regional combat shooting titles, and together with his daughter, Samantha Kemp, won the National Parent/Child Team Championship at the final round of the Jr. Nationals.  Andy has trained hundreds of Municipal, County, State, and Federal, law enforcement officers, LE firearms instructors, civilian firearms instructors, Security personnel, and Military firearms instructors, including AF SERE Operators.  He has had articles published in Combat Handguns and Handguns Magazine and has made TV appearances on CNN and Headline News as a weapons expert. His name and photo have appeared numerous times in many of the finer gun publications.