102nd General Assembly Representatives

Here is contact information for all Illinois Representatives serving in the 102nd General Assembly.  The addresses & phone numbers for the district offices are provided, as well as those in Springfield.   This information is from the Illinois General Assembly website and links to current info.

Remember, when you talk with your legislator’s assistant, please be courteous; they are there only to take messages and to tabulate the number of pro and anti-gun opinions.

Email:  Some of you may look at this list and question its completeness if you don't see an email address for your representative.  Many of the legislators now list email addresses in this info.  However, the current ISRA position is that email is not as effective as a phone call or snail mail in registering opinion with your legislators.  You may want to send email, but please also follow that up with a phone call.  If you're not sure who your legislators are this session, you can look them up on-line.

We have a similar listing of the addresses & phone numbers for all the Illinois Senators.

For a link to all of the members of the Illinois General Assembly and their information click here