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I will use this page to answer common questions about the Tuesday Night Irregular Rifle League specifically, High Power generally, and other events at the ISRA Range at Bonfield, IL.  Feedback not requiring a specific answer will also be found here.


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High Power Matches at the ISRA Range


1/22/07, Tim D. asks:  I am interested in joining the range and participating in the high power matches.    I guess I should ask if there are memberships available for the range at this time, and what the process is to join.  Do I have to meet with someone first, or submit a resume, or?  And what time of year do the matches start again?  …


Range applications can be found on the ISRA website at www.isra.org  Membership does not require a referral or anything like that, but you will have to have a one-on-one orientation before you can use your key-card.  Most of the high power activities begin in April.  There will be a high power clinic at the range in April that you might want to participate in.


If you poke around the ISRA website you will find the range schedule which will show all high power activity at that location.  Also at www.isra.org is a link to Illinois Highpower.  (Or you can link directly to it at www.illinoishighpower.org )  On that site you will find a link to the "Ten-State Schedule" which shows all high power matches in Illinois and surrounding states.




Winter Wars Matches – Comments regarding new “battles” and courses of fire


1/19/07, Phil R. writes:  How about a "Battle for North Africa" or "Pacific Wars" along with your other excellent ideas??  A bit more inclusive to draw out those British/Italian rifles.  As much as I hate shooting rapid standing; I think you should leave it in the format.  It is a great score spreader, appropriate for the match and things just won't seem right without it.  If safety is your concern--a few words of warning about staying on the paper might help.  It anything-drop the sitting and replace with a slow fire prone so we can get zeroed in on the heart.  This will also help those shooters who never get dialed in to the paper. JMO--best regards and thanks for a fun and unique match. 






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