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What a Great State!

by Don Bekeleski

I received this through my Daily NRA alerts:

Governor Mary Fallin Signs Legislation
Designating an Official “Second Amendment Day” in Oklahoma!
Friday, April 22, 2011

Oklahomans now have another day to celebrate freedom: June 28 of each year is now “Second Amendment Day” in Oklahoma.

June 28 is the date of the United States Supreme Court decision striking down Chicago’s decades-old gun ban and recognizing that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is applicable to the states. The high court ruled in favor of the Second Amendment by a razor thin 5 to 4 vote.

House Bill 1511 received an overwhelming show of bipartisan support, passing in the House of Representatives unanimously, 77 to 0 and passing in the Senate 42 to 3. HB 1511, designating "Second Amendment Day," was authored by state Representative Steve Vaughan (R-37) and state Senator Frank Simpson (R-14).

I thought to myself, “How great that this state’s legislators love the 2nd Amendment and their freedom, that they designated an official day to honor it, plus with a 77—0 vote! This would make me totally proud of the people that held office in my state if I lived there.

Then it really made me sad to think that here in Illinois our train is still standing at the station, waiting for track orders to move our freedom train in this direction. The baggage we have on board at the rear is weighing our train down so bad we can’t even get the Conceal Carry or firearms pre-emption passed here.

Our train desperately wants to travel the route that 48 other states have traveled, but the Chicago caboose keeps putting its double brake on keeping the rest of the train from enjoying the freedom and protection rights the rest of the American citizens have.

I am starting to feel that maybe we should uncouple the caboose and let it sit with its problem’s of killings & shootings, until the people in that caboose wake up and elect the right conductors that want to connect the caboose to the rest of the Illinois freedom train.

Let Home rule actually rule in their caboose, along with all the denial of protection for its passengers if that’s what they desire. The caboose seems to have the most problems with shootings and if they don’t want to do something positive like arming their citizens, then live with the consequences of your decision.

The rest of us choose to be armed, so just let the rest of the train do what it wants and travel freedom’s rail with a simple majority vote. We will honor your choice and you honor our choice. Problem solved! We won’t come to the caboose armed and also really try to avoid coming to it, because we would be open prey, but in the rest of the state we will be armed and can travel with total protection.

You see, the 2nd Amendment is an individual choice as long as it is not infringed upon. So if you and your elected officials want the choice of being disarmed, so be it, but don’t infringe upon our choice!

The rest of the train with its armed guards will stay away from the caboose and never go in it unless we absolutely have to. All of the other passengers on the train that will be armed have no worry about train robbers or murderers, because that train will be armed to the teeth and ready to protect itself. If the same bunch attacks the caboose, they will have to wait for the 911 cavalry, which will show up after the robbers have fled and the hideous deeds are done.

Oklahoma, I congratulate you on electing people that believe in law abiding people protecting themselves. You have given them the right to be armed and you have even designated a day in that honor!

May Illinois soon wake up to face the truth and also protect its citizens in the same way without the caboose if need be!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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