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Release of FOID Names

by Don Bekeleski

By now I am sure everyone has heard about Lisa Madigan’s request to release the names of everyone that has a FOID card to the public and the press. Thank God the Illinois State police have refused to do so for right now. This is private information and would be a totally invasion of privacy. It would be similar to saying we want the names of all the people who have serious diseases released to the press, so all of us know if our neighbor is some kind of health threat. That is no one’s business except that person’s and it is private information between his doctor and him!

What does it take for government to stay out of our lives? We really have to watch carefully who we vote for or every single bit of your privacy will be evaporated like the mist on a sunny day! Whenever someone does something like this remember it in the next election. Forget the party and study the individual. It isn’t a contest between Democrat and Republican. It’s a duel between someone who wants you in a bottle to study and someone who wants to break that bottle and let you breathe fresh air!

The day this was released I heard nothing on the news stations about it on the evening news. You see the press is the cheerleaders for these people and they don’t want you to know about any the threat on your 2nd Amendment rights.

I was at a gun auction last Sat. recruiting for members for the ISRA.
Many, many of them had not even heard about the FOID card fiasco. Then I asked them if they knew about 3 kinds of important bills they should be calling Springfield on right now. Some said the FOID privacy. Some of them knew nothing about the conceal carry bills or the firearms pre-emption bill. In the next breath I asked them if they would like to join us to be informed of such things. Then I got the usual, “No thanks”!

No thanks—No thanks! What will it take for you to get involved and informed? We need gun owners calling—we need gun owners educated—we need gun owners angry. Yes we need this and what do we get for our efforts—NO THANKS!

Now that I’ve cooled down a bit if you haven’t called you state Representative and your State Senator on those three kinds of bills, please do, because its people like you that are reading this that will do the walk and will do the talk. I can count on you to stand up and speak up for our rights. Ask your legislators to support FOID holder privacy, preemption of local regulation, and Right to Carry. When we do win this battle like we did the others, don’t expect a thank you from the others, they already gave you their no thanks!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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