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Looking Back

by Don Bekeleski

Looking back over the last year it has really been a great year for gun owners and people that hold the 2nd Amendment sacred!

The trend is now going in our direction. More Americans believe gun control just doesn’t work. They also believe the Founding Fathers were right in creating the 2nd Amendment.

When you scan the horizon 48 states now have conceal carry. I believe it’s 36 that have “shall issue”. This totally disputes the claim by anti-gunners that more guns equal more crime. It works fine in all the states that have passed it and it is not a problem for the police forces—it actually helps them.

More people are getting conceal carry permits, even Illinois residents applying for Utah and Florida permits, allowing them to carry in most states in the union. I know you’re next comment is –but not in Illinois. All I can say is don’t lie down and die. Instead be more vigorously determined to change that DESPITE THE POLITICS. Wisconsin soon will get it and it will turn into a great embarrassment for this state. The people with Utah permits probably will be able to carry in Wisconsin because the bill would consider reciprocal permits.

On the national scene we have elected people that hold the 2nd Amendment dear, which probably will stop the CIFTA treaty from ever being ratified here. The McDonald case has solidified the 2nd Amendment to mean what is was supposed to mean! Now we have great ammo behind us to litigate any stupid restrictions on our right and the NRA and the ISRA are committed to just that.

We have also won a round in the lawsuit supported by the ISRA against the Cook County Assault(?) Weapons ban. There are lawsuits being won around the country upholding the Supreme Court’s decision. People it’s time to hold your head up high and be very proud of all the advances this last year has given us. We are no longer in the hole looking up—we are on top looking down.

It’s time to put fire under the will to win. Come to IGOLD this year! Make a difference in the numbers by planning to be there. Do you want a lift in spirit? Join the march to the capital as people on the sidewalks cheer you on and horns blow and drivers give you the thumbs up as you pass them on the street. Man if that doesn’t make you feel proud; you better get your nerve endings tested. Just think of what you can tell your Rep if we are the only ones by that time without conceal carry?

We are winning across the nation step by step. This year get someone you know to join the ISRA, tell them about IGOLD! Tell them we need more gun owners jumping on the train and not standing at the station waving to us. People we are gaining ground and when an infantry gains ground, it needs more troops to hold that ground. Have you recruited a soldier lately?

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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