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Smart Guns
by Don Bekeleski

Wow, Smart guns—do they have a lot of gadgets like my smart phone?  I don’t think so—they have one feature and if you are ‘smart’ you will stay the heck away from them and fight to not have it ever become law that that is all they can sell!

Ever have your phone go dead? Did you ever have your TV go dead? Ever had the internet go dead?  Well if you buy a smart gun there is a very good chance you will be dead!!

The gun works through a watch—sold separately—that when you put the watch near the gun like holding it to fire, a ‘green’ light will come on telling you the gun is unlocked and ready to fire! No green light—you are SOL!

Now if you have to reload there may be a chance you have to check in with the watch again, to make sure somebody else didn’t load the magazine and is now holding the gun. I guess the best watch would be a Timex—remember “it keeps on ticking”!

It would be a good idea to also wrap the watch in duct tape, to make sure the band doesn’t break and fall off your wrist.  God forbid the gun is in your hand and the watch is on the floor! Uh-oh!

All we here from the anti-gunners are examples like;  A child could not use the firearm if he found it.  A person could not use your own gun against you.  There would be fewer suicides?  Everyone should be behind this.

Well the one thing I “don’t” want to be behind is a smart gun!  A child could not use it—I’ll give them that one-but the child shouldn’t be able to get the gun in the first place and what if he’s playing with your watch?  A person could not use your own gun against you.  No, he probably would just use the one he brought with him or take your watch off and still use your gun on you after you are out cold.

There would be fewer suicides.  Not necessarily, because he could go buy a gun that is programmed to him and just use that one.  Now let me give you some nightmares:  I left my watch at home that activates my gun---BALL GAME OVER!!  When the guy shot at me, I busted my watch on the counter diving for the floor.  My watch isn’t working—BALL GAME OVER!  Gee I took my wife’s gun in for repair and she only has my gun at home. UH OH!  Your 20 yr. old son and you are at home and burglars break in. The only guns in the house are yours and your wife’s, which are useless for him to try and protect either one of you—BALL GAME OVER!.

Bottom line—no Technology should come between you and your right to self-defense or someone else’s defense!  They try to make it sound like it will be the Land of Oz, when in reality it will be Friday the 13th!

No, the smartest thing we can do is fight to never see this nightmare come true!  They will be trying to make these guns the only ones that can be sold.  It involves everyone being aware of this etc. but if you are depending on the 10:00 o’clock news for the real info—you lost! 

They are coming folks and they have you in their crosshairs. They will argue how great this will be. I for one would not like to be facing a life and death situation praying that my watch is working right now and hopefully the battery is not low.  Again, only through a united front of Americans fighting this, will it be defeated!

Here’s a news piece about it.

 News piece:

“The first so-called “smart gun” has hit the shelves at U.S. retail outlets, including one of the biggest firearms stores in California, according to the Washington Post. The Smart System iP1, a .22-caliber pistol made by the German gun-maker Armatix GmbH, can only function with an accompanying wristwatch, which is sold separately. When the RFID-equipped watch is activated by a PIN number and placed near the gun — like when a shooter grips the handle — it sends a signal to unlock the gun and a light on the back of the weapon turns green, according to the report. Otherwise, the firearm stays locked and the light on the back remains red, it stated.  The pistol sells for $1,399 and the watch retails for another $399 — more than double the cost of .40-caliber Glock handgun, according to the article.  The company is betting that demand for the technology will increase as consumers seek guns modified for safety.”

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Webmaster's note:
Have you ever questioned whether you can actually give the gift of a firearm? Is that a straw sale? We found the following text in the ATF 4473 form helpful, pertaining to question 11a:

Question 11.a. Actual Transferee/Buyer:
For purposes of this form, you are the actual buyer if you are purchasing the firearm for yourself or otherwise acquiring the firearm for yourself (e.g., redeeming the firearm from pawn/retrieving it from consignment, firearm raffle winner). You are also the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm as a legitimate gift for a third party. ACTUAL BUYER EXAMPLES: Mr. Smith asks Mr. Jones to purchase a firearm for Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith gives Mr. Jones the money for the firearm. Mr. Jones is NOT THE ACTUAL TRANSFEREE/BUYER of the firearm and must answer "NO" to question 11a. The licensee may not transfer the firearm to Mr. Jones. However, if Mr. Brown goes to buy a firearm with his own money to give to Mr. Black as a present, Mr. Brown is the actual buyer of the firearm and should answer "YES" to question 11a. However, you may not transfer a firearm to any person you know or have reasonable cause to believe is prohibited under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), (n), or (x).

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