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by Don Bekeleski

The NRA and the ISRA have gained a lot of new members which is a great thing. If we as gun owners are to have pull and see that good legislation to protect the 2nd Amendment gets passed, it lies in more shooters—thus more members. 

So let me ask you something. Have you ever invited a non-shooter friend of yours to go shooting with you? There are a lot of people in your circle of friends that just say “oh” when you mention you are going shooting at the range this weekend.

Have you ever thought of talking to them about the fun shooting provides?

Probably not, figuring he does what he does and I do what I do on the weekend. 

Surprisingly there may be many people that would like to try shooting, but of course they never did it, wouldn’t know how to do it and also do not own any firearms!

That’s where you come in! Try asking them one time by just saying, “Hey Pete or Joann would you like to try shooting”?  Listen I have all the equipment for you to use and I would be more than happy to let you use it and we could do this together at a slow pace. It will be something you never tried before and I will be happy to guide you through the whole process!  

They don’t need a FOID card as long as you have one and are with them while training them!  It may amaze you, but since you will supply everything and teach them too, they just may take you up on it!!

I run a Ladies Day Shoot at Bristol ranges in Wisconsin twice a year. We provide everything they need to shoot, shotgun or pistol, eye protection, ear protection, guns, ammo and we give them lunch too.  I and 9 other range officers “volunteer” our time and guns to help women get into the shooting sports.  I hand out comment sheets to hear what they have to say about the event. The comments are really amazing.

They say things like—“I was scared of guns—no longer, it is fun and I can’t believe I did fairly well. I am no longer afraid of firearms and will now be purchasing one in the near future, please don’t ever stop this program! Range Officers are awesome and so friendly”. 

I could go on and on, but these are the kind of comments we receive.

They never have been near a gun, but now they think it is great fun!!

I had one lady that had never been near a gun and was a little scared of them. After the shoot at lunch, I asked her how she enjoyed it? She said, “Don I shot a 9mm—a 38—a 357 and next week I’m applying for a FOID card”! 

All these people are now on our side just because of a simple class. You can get the same results one at a time, just by asking some lady or gentleman if they would like to go to the range with you.  What’s going to happen is they are going to tell others about it and then those may be asking you also. There would be nothing wrong in asking them to pay for the ammo they shoot either. 

These are people you can turn into shooters and potential members once they start paying attention to the threats to their shooting enjoyment. So as you go to work, to a gathering or anyplace your friends or maybe new people you meet are together, then simply ask them:  



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Webmaster's note:
Have you ever questioned whether you can actually give the gift of a firearm? Is that a straw sale? We found the following text in the ATF 4473 form helpful, pertaining to question 11a:

Question 11.a. Actual Transferee/Buyer:
For purposes of this form, you are the actual buyer if you are purchasing the firearm for yourself or otherwise acquiring the firearm for yourself (e.g., redeeming the firearm from pawn/retrieving it from consignment, firearm raffle winner). You are also the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm as a legitimate gift for a third party. ACTUAL BUYER EXAMPLES: Mr. Smith asks Mr. Jones to purchase a firearm for Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith gives Mr. Jones the money for the firearm. Mr. Jones is NOT THE ACTUAL TRANSFEREE/BUYER of the firearm and must answer "NO" to question 11a. The licensee may not transfer the firearm to Mr. Jones. However, if Mr. Brown goes to buy a firearm with his own money to give to Mr. Black as a present, Mr. Brown is the actual buyer of the firearm and should answer "YES" to question 11a. However, you may not transfer a firearm to any person you know or have reasonable cause to believe is prohibited under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), (n), or (x).

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