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It's All About You

by Don Bekeleski

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to think about IGOLD.
I would like to say that IGOLD is really all about YOU! How do I figure that?
Well consider this:

Many organizations are involved in putting this together. They want to do it so that when you arrive in Springfield, all is ready. It’s a very big job getting the Convention center, march permits, shirts and hats, and of course the speakers that will address you in the hall.

Would you like it if you organized all this & the gun owners did not show up? It’s an exhilarating feeling for all the organizations and the other gun owners when they see fellow gun owners numbering in the thousands show up. It’s a greater thrill to know there are more than there were last year, meaning MORE GUN OWNERS CARE!
If the leaders of these organizations just showed up how many people would notice? Very few I’m sure. But when we all show up, members and non-members alike, people take notice!
So this whole day comes down to ….YOU.

Now consider last year through all their hard work and organization of the event, 8000 people showed up. Now people notice! The legislators also take notice when they look at their receptionist desk and see hundreds of cards from their constituents lying there.  These are cards from the people that are going to re-elect or not re-elect them again. Whoa –makes a difference, no? Did you ever want to tell your Rep or Senator how you feel? You may get the chance if he or she is not at a meeting and let them know.

You see the whole day is planned around you! Without ‘you’ there is no march. Without ‘you’ no one knows we are there. It has no meaning at all without ‘you’! People that were first timers on my bus were always glad they came down.

So now let’s talk about the main subject of IGOLD—YOU.
Are you going? Are you going to be part of the fight? Are you going to blow it off like last year? Maybe I should ask what year are you considering joining us? Do you really want to have conceal carry in Illinois? Are you willing to sacrifice one day out of your 365 in this year TO BE ACTIVE AND BE HEARD? Think about it—one day only—ONE!

Being there is being part of the fight. Staying home or not taking a vacation day to fight, means you are helping the opposition by not increasing our numbers. The Chicago area stations have hardly ever covered this event. But you know what—if we had 10 or 11 thousand there maybe they would be forced to show something on it. The trouble is the other two thousand are not taking that “one” day to make it happen.

If there were no members in the ISRA it would just be a name of an organization that has an office in Chatsworth and that would be it. But because we have you we are a fighting force winning court battles—never giving up—never quitting—why?—because of YOU!

You don’t have to be a member to come to IGOLD. As a matter of fact if you are not a member, we would love to have you join us even more. We would like you to experience what we do—what we are all about—how we can help you have a greater voice—how we want you to have conceal carry in your home state.

I will be there and if you accept my invitation as a nonmember and join us—if you see me down there I want you to come up to me and introduce yourself, because I really want to shake your hand for coming down.

IGOLD IS Wed. March 7th this year. We have buses leaving from all over the state. It will cost you $25 round trip on the bus. You don’t even have to drive. Visit the website every so often to check on buses and when they will be available:

So this whole article comes down to ….YOU. What are YOU going to do?
Are YOU going to join the march? Are YOU going to stand with us for all our rights?
Or are you going to just fade away and leave it to the other gun owners to do you’re fighting?
I really hope you come! The rest is up to YOU!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.


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