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Is 2012 Our Year?

by Don Bekeleski

IS 2012 OUR YEAR? 

We’re into a new year! I hope this is the one all you freedom fighters will be applauding and jumping for victory. It’s been a long time coming and victory will surely be sweet after such a long battle. This could be the year for Illinois Conceal Carry. Why? Litigation plus a committee has been formed by the Ill House to look into Conceal Carry and report back.  Whether it be by litigation—legislation from the Washington resolution or by a full proof veto vote of our legislature I feel it’s upon us!  

If enough Representatives don’t change their mind—the courts may do it for them. If not, a lot of them are up for re-election in November. Maybe if we don’t have it by then, it’s time for a revolt at the polls. There are groups forming in Chicago to get Reps elected that will stand behind law-abiding citizens and not dictate ‘no’ to our Constitutional right of self-defense! This could mean new Reps from that area. 

I don’t travel very much but over the holidays I carried concealed lawfully in Wisconsin with an out of state permit that Wisconsin honors. It really felt good. As I sat in a hotel and watched people pass by I wondered how many were armed just like me. The 2nd thought I had was if they were, everything was really copasetic and just like any other day! 

I thought to myself what the hell is all the hoop-la about. There were many people just like me that were armed and everything was just as if we weren’t armed.   They were just ordinary people going about their business and everyone being polite and carrying on as usual. We took a bus ride to see all the Christmas lights and the same atmosphere for me was on the bus. 

Then my thought drifted to Illinois. I thought it could be the same in my home state. Our legislators that voted no to Conceal Carry should make a trip up here or to any other state and see just how there are no problems in any of these areas. 

What makes them think that the people of Illinois are somehow different and don’t deserve this right for themselves? All the facts are there for them to see that it works, so how can they vote no. 

As we approached the Illinois state line my daughter had to pull over so I could disarm myself and not become a felon in my home state.  As I got back in the car after casing the gun my daughter said, “How stupid that crossing this line says that now you and all of us become targets and victims for any goofball that wants to try something. I said yes it’s an insult to the people of Illinois for the legislature to have the attitude that somehow they are not capable of behaving ourselves, like the people in the other entire 49 states do, even Wisconsin which we just left. 

So the Holiday trip for me was an experience and a real wake up call. It told me that the Illinois legislature had to look really ignorant to not pass something the rest of the United States has passed for all their citizens.

Being armed and being with many armed law-abiding people proved to me that if something terrible and life threatening was to happen, there were many people who could act to stop it, instead of everyone screaming. ducking and praying that they would not be the next casualty. 

The feeling coming back into Illinois was that if something were to happen to us now we would have to wait for 911 to arrive.   When seconds count, the police are minutes away. I think our Reps should find it hard to sleep at night knowing people are getting killed because they voted no for them to have the right to live on, by granting them Conceal Carry. 

I know if I was one of those that voted no, I would hang my head and cry every time I hear of another killing that could have been prevented. How could it not bother you and not make you feel responsible in some way! 

Don’t give up the fight. Instead become more intense! Help IGOLD grow this year. When it does finally become law, you will be able to tell all the people that told you “no way” that it was your fighting along with all of us, that made it happen—AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.


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