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Are You Tired?

by Don Bekeleski

You probably wonder what the title of this article means. Let me explain.
Do you get tired of always fighting for something that has already been guaranteed by the United States Constitution? Do you get tired of fighting for something the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that it is an individual right? Do you also get tired of the press in this country, not standing up for the 2nd Amendment as they should and giving misleading information about so called “assault weapons”?

I am sure I can answer for most of you and the answer is yes! I too would just like to relax and enjoy my 2nd Amendment rights as the Founding Fathers gave it to us. They sat in their homes secure in the knowledge they would never be disarmed, because of their inclusion of the 2nd Amendment in this country’s Constitution. This is the greatest country on earth because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That’s why people flock here! It’s the great freedoms in this country!

Lo and behold along come certain elected officials, newspapers, and common folk citizens who decide that they can twist the meaning (or Construe the Constitution) as Washington warned, to mean something else and hopefully disarm the American people by blaming an inanimate object as the firearm for crime in this country. There are millions of firearms in the hands of the people and by their silence we know they are behaving! So instead of us relaxing and basking in the great Bill of Rights, we the American people are engaged in a battle to protect the freedoms the Founders gave us!

Should we even have to do this? No! Should we let this lie exist upon our freedoms? No! Should we sit back and say, “They can’t do that, it’s in the Bill of Rights. No! It’s not just the 2nd Amendment freedom. If we do or say nothing the 1st Amendment will be next. Then one by one in a domino affect all of the Bill Of Rights will disappear before our eyes. Our grandchildren would ask, “Why didn’t you stand up and fight? Why did you let the minority of the people take away your freedoms? What did you personally do? Wasn’t there an organization you could join to create strength in numbers to fight and not stand by idly and lose what was so preciously given you by the Founding Fathers”?

As we stand up to meet this deplorable attack on freedom it is the responsibility of each one of us to be informed and not vote for anyone that is against our Bill of Rights! If the majority would just jump in and be part of this aggressive fight for our freedom, there would never be a person voted into office that was not on our side. So you must ask yourself, “Where do I stand in protecting our freedoms”? Am I a couch potato just watching it unfold on TV? Am I a participant only on the side watching others fight for me? Am I one of those ‘they’ll never take it away’ persons, who see it happening in places piece by piece and still will only watch from the side, because it isn’t really that bad yet?

Let me tell you it is that bad! Any attack on the Constitution or Bill of Rights is very serious and involves everyone jumping in on the fight, speaking out against these atrocities without fear of rebuttal from anyone. Yes I am tired. I am tired of fighting for you. I am tired of speaking to deaf ears when I ask you to join. I sit at home tired and shaking my head at how someone can be so complacent about their freedom. I am tired of bringing up a conversation about our rights, to only have you walk away like it doesn’t matter.

Please give all of us freedom fighters a real glimmer of hope for this nation by making the majority a well, efficient, outspoken majority wherever the conversation of firearm bans comes up. I would like to be on the other side of the room saying to myself, “ Give em hell Joe and tell it like it really is”!


This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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