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An Open Letter to Our Legislators

by Don Bekeleski

I know that you are all very much aware of the fact that the state of Illinois is now the only state in the union of this great country that still denies it’s citizens of the basic right of self- defense, by not passing Conceal Carry. Yes we are now the total laughing stock of the United States.

We hear comments like, “Yep your city aldermen and Mayor of Chicago can all carry concealed for their protection, but won’t allow their law abiding citizens the same right, while criminals and gang bangers have all the firepower they want to use against you, illegally of course, but still gives them the upper hand over all their constituents.” Funny how what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander!

You see every one of the excuses you use for not voting for Conceal Carry is totally invalid. We hear silly things like, it endangers the ordinary citizen on the street. Guess what, the carrying of weapons illegally endangers more people right now, without conceal carry in place. Oh, you say I’m wrong? Pick up the paper any day and read about the killings in Chicago by those very people. Matter of fact why don’t you start a board in your office to write the tally’s down. Remember where you ordered the board, because it will fill fast and you will need new ones monthly, while you’re still deciding about that conceal carry! Who do you blame for the tally by the way?

Then we hear more guns are not the solution—fewer guns are. Well you mind telling me how you are going to tell the criminal element to please get rid of their guns. I’m sure if they co-operate it would cut down on the killings, but guess what—it isn't going to happen. However, so you know, wherever they have passed conceal carry and the guns have proliferated in the hands of the good guys, crime has dropped drastically. So that shoots holes in that theory and really explains the truth and not just flapping at the gums with false statements! It seems like when the good guy is armed, somehow the criminal becomes very scared to do his dastardly deed.

Then another one we hear is that they have concealed carry in Arizona and it didn’t help Rep. Clfford. This is probably one of the dumbest ones I have heard. It is always made by people who know nothing about firearms or defensive training—ALWAYS KNOW WHAT’S BEHIND YOUR TARGET!! You see people that have CC permits know you don’t fire into a crowd—it only adds to the body count! Oh I’m sorry most reporters and speakers of this statement know nothing about that, another flapping of the gums. The only way the shooter could have been stopped was the way he was stopped and it worked!

All of the states that have passed Conceal Carry have advanced it further. They allow carry on school property, Texas on campus, Arizona considering on campus, at work, at church, all over the place. Why? Simply because they realize over the years that it works fine, no troubles, no problems etc. like you claim will happen. If it were so terrible it would have been repealed, but instead it has advanced to many, many more places.

So that brings us right back to you! None of you have given me one decent reason to vote against this bill, except that you just don’t like guns! Well I’m sorry you don’t, but it’s the law of the land—get used to it! The courts have told you it over and over, but for some reason you refuse to obey the law!

Gov. Quinn please name me one state where this law has been a “public endangerment” which you like to use so much for your excuse not to back it. PLEASE just name me One--- just ONE! I thought so, so your excuse is just as lame and feeble as the rest!

This bill can come up for another vote. I suggest all you legislators take a real good look at how weak your excuses sound on the floor of the General Assembly and do the right thing for the citizens of this state and give them the right of self-defense.  It would have been nice if the citizens of this state could have something extra to celebrate this 4th of July, just as Wisconsin will! They have been given the right of self- protection, while we still maintain regular target status for every criminal out there.  Do us a great deed this fall—pass conceal carry this time around! If it doesn’t work, we can REPEAL IT LIKE THEY DID IN ALL THE OTHER STATES WHERE IT DIDN’T SEEM TO WORK!!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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