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A Simple Conversation

by Don Bekeleski

Let’s imagine you get into a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe conceal carry should be passed.

“Hey Judy, how’s it going? Did you see we may finally get concealed carry passed in this state”! Judy replies that she is totally against it. You ask why. She says that it’s stupid for everyone going around brandishing guns. You reply that she has it wrong. People cannot go around brandishing guns, that’s why it’s called concealed carry. All guns are not in plain view, but under coats, shirts or whatever. It will look the same as it looks now, you won’t know who is and who isn’t.

Judy says that that is still very dangerous. Your reply should be, “How can the mere presence of a gun be dangerous”? No gun pulls it’s own trigger! Does that mean that the presence alone of a power saw means somebody’s arm is going to get cut off? Of course not. Then she says that every little argument is going to end up in everyone pulling their guns out. You say, “Judy, if you have a driver’s license does that mean that you can speed as fast as you want and everyone has to get out of your way? If you did that Judy, innocent people would get killed and you would lose your driver’s license for good! The same applies to conceal carry. If you don’t want to lose that permit and also be charged with assault, you don’t brandish your pistol every time there’s an argument. The pistol is like your wallet. If you need a dollar, you take out your wallet, otherwise it stays put. If you only really need to draw a firearm is when you do, otherwise it stays put just like your wallet. You use deadly force only when that is the only course you have to stop the threat against your life and not at any other time!

Her next comment is that all the crazy’s will be carrying guns. Your reply should be that a lot of crazy’s are already carrying guns illegally. They are armed and you are not. They are looking for victims to rob, or commit whatever other heinous crime they can think of, because they know you are not armed, which makes you very easy prey for robbery, rape, or murder. You see gun control is a theory that someone who ignores the laws against rape, robbery and assault will somehow obey a law saying he cannot possess a firearm!

She says do you realize people will be carrying guns in grocery stores, churches, business offices and many other places. You say yes that is true Judy, but all the places you have just named have had mass shootings in them, by someone who knew that no one in those places would be armed to stop his carnage or revenge! There are rules that go along with this permit, as to where you can carry and what exactly you can and cannot do. You don’t have it on you to be Roy Rogers or a policeman. It’s there for one purpose and one purpose only, to protect you or someone else’s life that may be in danger! It does not make you a police officer!

You see Judy the playing field is leveled when you are armed and the crazy will think twice before attacking you, because he knows that you may be armed and he just may lose his life attempting to assault you. AS A RESULT CRIME GOES DOWN! It has in all the states that have already passed it.

It would be similar to him attacking a policeman minus the authority of a policeman. Most rank and file police officers are for conceal carry because they know it works well and they can’t be everywhere to protect you at all times! So please before you rant and rave against conceal carry, please consider what I have told you today. You have a nice day Judy and when it passes you should consider getting a permit. The streets will be safer and so will you. G’day!

This article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the official position of the ISRA.

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