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This is information about firearms law and procedures in Illinois.  Want to see us add something here?  Please tell us.

Some of the current information available from the Illinois State Police
Illinois State Police Firearms FAQ Webpage
Illinois State Police FOID FAQ - This is a very good page and contains info that was previously in some brochures
Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau (217) 782-7980
Latest FOID Application - It is very important to always use the latest version of the form.  Don't use an outdated copy by mistake. The ISP now hosts two version of this form for download.  One is a form-based PDF file that can be filled in by typing in your browser or Acrobat reader, eliminating the need to fill in the form by hand or find a typewriter (!).  You still need to print the form, attach a photo and sign it.

The other version is a PDF that you print out and manually complete.

ISRA recommends you allow extra time when renewing your FOID.
Acquiring or Transferring Firearms in Illinois - Brochure issued in 2004, PDF format.
Transport Your Gun LEGALLY - Commonly Asked Questions on Transporting Firearms, PDF format, updated March, 2009.
Municipal Ordinances Relating to Firearms - Public Act 92-0238 requires municipalities with their own firearms laws to submit them to the Illinois State Police.  This is a listing of what was submitted.  It does not mean that all municipalities complied, either completely or partially. 

Illinois State Law - Firearm Owner Identification Card Act

It's in the Illinois Compiled Statutes. You have an FOID card? This is the law that defines the card. Here's a link to it right here at the Illinois General Assembly website.

What About Buying Ammo Outside of llinois? (Including mail order)

Senate Bill 53 from the 94th legislative session became law on 8/12/2005 - It's Public Act 094-0571, which modifies the FOID Act.

What about Chicago?  Handgun ban and registration requirement

ISRA receives calls and email about Chicago's ordinances. The whole Municipal Code of Chicago is published on-line here.  Most of what is going to be of interest concerning firearms ownership is found in Chapter 8-20 Weapons  and Chapter 8-24 Firearms and Other Weapons.


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