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How to join the ISRA Range

To join the ISRA Range near Kankakee, you must also be an ISRA member.  Our new downloadable Application will let you join the ISRA as an annual member at the same time. 

If you would like to join the ISRA as a life member at the same time you join the range, then
look here first. You may join the ISRA on-line and then fill out a range application, or you may attach a completed ISRA application to your range application and send both in at the same time with one payment.

Download and fill out this Range Membership Application, then mail or fax it in, whichever suits you. Your acceptance is subject to a ceiling on the number of range memberships. If you have questions, try calling the office at (815) 635-3198. 

Mail completed applications to ISRA Range - Dept W, PO Box 637, Chatsworth, IL  60921.

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