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UN Deck Stacked Against Gun Owners

Richard A. Pearson
Executive Director, ISRA


Just to insult the US and the US gun owners, the United Nationsí (UN) anti-gun International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) is scheduled to hold its conference from June 26 to July 7, 2006, with Independence Day, July 4th, being right in the middle of the meeting. IANSA, run by Rebecca Peters and backed by billionaire George Soros, is the well-funded public relations arm of the UNís anti-gun movement. Rebecca Petersí long-term objective is a worldwide gun ban that is geared primarily against American firearm owners. Hunters, by the way, are no exception Ė she might though, out of goodness of her heart, allow certain citizens to own single-shot rifles with a range of less than 100 yards.

We might scoff at this proposal, but itís not that far away. Although the NRA is representing us as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), it does not mean the NRA has a vote or even the right to be heard by the autocratic IANSA. IANSAís meetings are typically held in far-flung places, which make it very expensive for the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), or any other non-government supported NGOs to attend or participate. Yes, you read what I just said correctly, even though it doesnít seem to make sense. Other countries, such as Canada and Japan, have anti gun NGOs that are government-supported by grants. Itís been noted that while IANSA is in session, pro-gun organizations have to stay outside the meetings and not even be allowed to testify. On June 7th, 2006, a UN-supported anti gun conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland, that even US government officials were not invited to. It goes without saying that the NRA and NSSF were purposely ignored.

The goal of the UN is to strip our Second Amendment rights away, have all civilian owned firearms registered with a UN registry, and, ultimately, to confiscate our firearms. The UNís aspiration is a one-world government that is free of firearms. Sadly, some American politicians are all for the gun ban, but fortunately, we know who they are. Some say it will never happen here, but letís suppose Hillary Clinton gets elected President and she nominates hubby Bill Clinton as UN Secretary General; the UN would then have an American anti-gun Secretary General who is protected by the US Secret Service. Secretary General would lead the charge against the rights of US citizens, while those very citizens are paying for his protection.

The UN is the first worldwide government-supported criminal organization that claims to exist only to fight tyranny throughout the world, when in fact IT is the most tyrannical organization in existence. ďIím from the UN and Iím here to destroy your Constitutional rights as American citizens,Ē should be the slogan of the UN.

Learn more about the UN and their anti-gun agenda at this NRA website:

Do not ever underestimate this international criminal organization; it has both staying power and incredible patience. I urge you to join both the ISRA and NRA Ė we must all join together for our mutual protection. To join the Illinois State Rifle Association go here to learn how: or call 815-635-3198.

Richard A. Pearson
Executive Director, ISRA

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