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Guess Again

Richard A. Pearson
Executive Director, ISRA


When the Supreme Court struck down the Washington D.C. handgun ban firearm owners breathed a collective sigh of relief. We thought the Heller vs. Washington D.C. decision would end the more than forty years of attacks on law abiding gun owners. We were wrong – within days of the Heller decision, leaders of the gun control movement were proclaiming that although Heller does away with handgun bans, the Court gave a green light to a whole new generation of “reasonable gun controls”.

Here are a few examples. Washington D.C. has issued only 9 permits to own handguns. They also prohibited semi autos so they all are revolver permits. Semi-auto’s are the choice of 70% of the people who want a firearm for self defense. There is only one dealer in Washington D.C.; you have to buy from that dealer alone because you can’t buy a handgun in any other place – BY LAW. You can’t buy a gun in Virginia, Maryland, or anywhere else.

As you know, the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) led the charge against the City of Chicago. Mayor Daley has vowed to fight the ISRA and the law abiding citizens who simply want to defend themselves. Mayor Daley has vowed to fight to keep his handgun ban. I would guess the lawsuit will take at least 18 months.

The Village of Evanston is a great example of what is going on. Evanston had a total handgun ban. Now they have changed their ordinance with advice from whom – the Brady Campaign, of course. Evanston did not ask the ISRA, the NRA, any group who is pro-gun, or knows anything about gun safety, marksmanship, or guns in general. The new ordinance has a few restrictions. They now allow you to have a handgun in your home, but you can’t transport it there, take it for safety training, repair, or practice. Evanston’s new ordinance to “comply with Heller” is simply a reformatted attack on the Second Amendment.

What we have is a group of national, state, and local politicians thumbing their nose at the Supreme Court and continuing to stomp on your Second Amendment rights. If you think the fight is over – guess again.

What is coming could even be worse. In 1996, Barak Obama was a completely unknown anti-gun candidate running for the Illinois Senate. In a few weeks he could be the next President of the United States. This is now the time for all hunters, sportsmen, and gun owners to get active and get in the fight. The next two elections, the 2008 and the 2010, are going to be critical. The first thing you need to do is join the Illinois State Rifle Association so you can get the inside information about what is really going on. You can join via our web-site at, or by calling our office at 815.635.3198.

Richard A. Pearson
Executive Director, ISRA

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