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Commentary by:
Richard A. Pearson

Executive Director, ISRA


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"Jackson's Tactics"  9/19/07

"Back to 'Mecca'"  7/30/07

"Free Ice Cream for Everyone"  6/7/07

"More on the Anti-Gunners"  2/27/07

"Chicagoís Mayor Daley Is At It Again"  1/19/07

"Brady Campaign 'Giddy' About Election"  12/21/06

"Europeans Help Fund American Anti-Gunners"  10/26/06

"Anti-Gun Funding"  9/27/06

"UN Deck Stacked Against Gun Owners"  6/23/06

"Caligula Would Have Loved Home Rule"  11/22/05

"Disasters and Guns"  10/8/05

"Taking Liberties With Home Rule"  5/15/05

"Gun Bills Lead to Loss of Personal Freedoms"  4/19/05

"Who Fights for You?"  2/20/05

"Animal Rights Groups"  1/24/05

"ISRA 2005 Update"  12/30/04

"Keyes' Run for Senate"  9/3/04

"SB 2188"  7/22/04

"Itís Not About Duck Huntin'"  6/17/04

"Blagojevichís Legitimization of Backdoor Gun Registration"  4/13/04

"ISRA's Youth Shotgun Program"  3/28/04

"Wilmette Case Raises Gun Ban Question"  1/21/04

"Pro Gun Groups Growing"  1/6/04


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