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Craig Celia


I work in the law enforcement field as a 9-1-1 manager for a local community.  I've served as a police officer for 9 years and my background is in law enforcement.

I am an active recreational shooter and have a business teaching firearm courses.  I am NRA certified Instructor in a number of disciplines.  I own a few firearms and shoot pistol, shotgun, and some rifles.  I've grown up around firearms and simply enjoy my freedom to pursue the hobby as it is guaranteed to me.

I am married and have two children who are also shooters.  I've taught my children how to shoot, to respect firearms, and to respect our second amendment rights.  My youngest son has spent time volunteering at IGOLD and marching the streets with me.  It was an educational experience for him.

I am involved in the Boy Scouts of America as an adult volunteer leader and am an Eagle Scout.  I hold dearly the values placed upon me stemming from my years in Scouting.

I first became involved with the ISRA volunteering as a recruiter at local gun shows and discovered the ISRA is an organization I deeply care about.  I am proud to be serving the Illinois State Rifle Association in my capacity and will continue working for our rights here in Illinois.




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