Silver Dollar Restaurant

422 E. Mississippi Ave, Elwood, IL 60421

February Meeting

  Our main speaker for the evening was long time member Steve Weber Will County Treasurer and previously was the Auditor was our guest speaker.  His office saved the county 1.5 million/year. He found over $700,000 in mistakes in a year. He then saved another $400,000 by getting rid of bad employees.  Their office took in 63 million before trump changed the taxes, and by processing it all in a few days he got over 1 million in interest. No other county was able to do this. Their office now saves over $30,000 in mailing out delinquent tax notices just by shipping it in a unusual type of mailing envelope.

Steve is a CPA and has an office in New Lenox, and has an archery shop attached to it. He is an avid Bow hunter. Steve is also intrigued by shooting his 6.5 Creedmoor at 600 yards at his farm near Princeton. It is very accurate he said.

Also briefly speaking were:

- Victoria Kennison, she is currently an associate judge who is now running for Circuit Court Judge

- Chris Cavanaugh a Reed Custer School board member is starting a school Trap Shooting Club and would like volunteers to help

***Don't forget IGOLD is on 4/25/18 ***