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   As is all too typical, bureaucrats “know” that they are smarter than the rest of us and are trying to force their will upon us. The newest one I am aware of is that Global Technocrat scientists have declared war on meat, as they have done already on fossil fuels, and their reasoning and the way they are trying to sell this idea is by claiming that carbon emissions will be reduced. Animals pass gas, and breath, and if there are no animals, then less gas emissions. The Paris Climate Agreement has bought into it and now investors are climbing on board with the idea. They are taxing carbon and sugar, and meat seems like it may be next. Lawmakers in Denmark, Germany, China and Sweden have discussed creating livestock-related taxes for the past two years. If this continues, down the line they will tell us there are too many people, and all but the elites and service workers should be taxed or eliminated. I remember a very long time ago that Rush Limbaugh said that there would come a time in the future when sugar would be taxed, as a way to regulate what we eat. He said, “you can laugh, but mark my words”. Unfortunately, he was right and too many of his dire predictions are coming true.

 Some interesting facts on polls asking about banning “assault rifles” In 2000 it was 59% for and 39% against. In 2006 it was 50% both for and against. In 2010 it was 43% for and 53% against. In 2016 it was 36% and 61% against.

With the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida, the TV talking heads along with antigun journalists are having a heyday, calling for assault rifle bans, semi auto bans, and total gun bans. The NRA is being called vile, Nazi, and having total control of all republicans. They are calling for all republicans to be voted out of office, and the end of the NRA. Some have actually even called for harm to come to gun owners.

It was painfully obvious as soon as some facts started to come in, that mental illness was the real cause of this and that a gun was just the weapon of choice. On social media it showed a person wearing a trump T shirt tweeting a picture of his daughter, he was looking for to see if she was OK. It was later found she perished at the school. Then many, not just one or two, evil people tweeted back that he deserved it, for voting for trump. I can’t believe the evil in many anti gun peoples minds.

Kids are playing violent video games like Call of Duty, for hours at a time that depicts killing many people. This dumbs down kids to rationalize that killing is common and not an abhorrent action. So if a child is a little off center, he will see little difference between killing the people on the monitor or real people he doesn’t know and others in a school or mall.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza founder of Front Sight firearm training institute in Pahrump Nevada, has said that in every other mass shooting that the shooter was found to be on mind control medicine. I am expecting that this will not be an exception. He has said after every other shooting that we need to investigate the over prescribing of these drugs, and investigate mental illness, to lessen and eliminate this type of event.

What about the illegals killing innocent legal citizens. As an example, the man Jose Zarate who shot and killed Kathryn Steinle. He was amazingly found not guilty, in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. There are many instances where illegal drunks have killed and severely injured innocent citizens. What about all the robberies perpetrated by them? Then we have cities and even states like Illinois that deem themselves sanctuary cities and states. We give cover and even welcome people who by definition are illegal, but we deem guns which are a perfectly legal item to own as criminal and vile. “I hate guns” is an all too common cry. As bad as the loss of 17 lives are in one incident, what about all the lives lost singularly because of people here illegally? Where is all the outcry instead of open arms to them?

We are letting colleges teaching our children get completely out of control. Leftist Professors at WSU (Washington State University). Have banned certain words including “illegal alien” “Male” and “female” they say these words perpetuate racism and white heterosexual privilege. Students using these words fail assignments, or will be removed from class. What the heck do the words male or female have to do with whiteness? This is a sickness running rampant through our schools of supposed higher learning.

It is seemingly pretty clear that Trump has no ties to Russia, but both Clinton's did as well as President Obama. Yet the witch hunt is still going on about President Trump, and yet the media and FBI is trying very hard to hide all the evidence against both Clinton and Obama.

We as believers in the Second Amendment have a lot of enemies in high places both in government and especially in the mainstream media. We must maintain our vigil and continue to fight for our rights.

  “I will say this: Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI. Nothing happened to her. Flynn lied, and they destroyed his life,” A quote from President Trump. “I think it’s a shame.

"A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which include their own government."      - Geo. Washington -                                               


Doug Mayhall



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