Silver Dollar Restaurant

422 E. Mississippi Ave, Elwood, IL  60421


   Our speaker this month will be Deputy Kim Heath, lead firearms instructor for the Will County Sheriff's Police. Among her many attributes, she has been a guest on Guns and Ammo TV and she is President of the Women's Tactical Association.  Please join us for an enjoyable evening. And, don't forget to bring a friend!



WCGR Gun Giveaway

      Will County ISRA member, Mark Murphy, was the name drawn for the WCGR Gun Giveaway last month. Unfortunately, Mark was not present so we will draw another name this month. Remember, the winner must be present, be an ISRA member, have a valid FOID and comply with all local, state and federal laws.


March Meeting


 Last month, we varied from our usual meeting format and had an open discussion night.  There were many interesting discussions and, if we had more time, the meeting surely could have lasted longer.  Here are some of the topics from that night:      

• Laurie McPhillips, a long-time Will County, pro-gun friend is running for Will County Executive hoping to remove the present anti-gun Larry Walsh.

• Jeff Gregorec reported about the recent shooting of three policemen by a black drug dealer. This dealer had already been convicted of 7 felonies and had 43 arrests.  The dealer was fatally shot; none of the policemen were killed. Jeff also mentioned another event where he caught and arrested a 14-year-old kid who had a loaded gun. In court, the Judge just dismissed the case. more


Thank you to everyone who attended!


Chairman's Comments


  Obama has done it again….or not done it. He arrogantly decided not to attend former First Lady, Nancy Reagan’s funeral. His political beliefs obviously are far different from hers, but as a sign of respect for the office that only very few have held, many of us believe that attending was the proper thing to do. But, Obama has a track record of being a very rude man. He did not attend Chris Kyle’s funeral, or Margaret Thatcher’s. So, it seems to me that if you are a famous conservative person he will snub you; but if you are a thug, you have a chance he will honor your death with a personal visit at your funeral.

 Speaking of thugs, Obama recently visited Cuba and was sitting with one of the ultimate human rights’ violators in the world, doing “waves” at a baseball game. Then he went to Argentina and danced the Tango. This was bad enough; but worse, videos of him dancing were paraded all over the news while yet another act of terrorism was happening.  While Obama was playing, at least thirty-one innocent people were killed in two separate bombings in Belgium. This was done by whom? more


Political Disclaimer

The ISRA and the Will County Division of the ISRA CAN NOT and WILL NOT endorse any candidate or party. We feature speakers to allow us to learn about the positions a candidate holds about the Second Amendment, and welcome all candidates to speak to us. Only the ISRA Political Victory Fund can endorse candidates or donate to political campaigns.