Silver Dollar Restaurant

422 E. Mississippi Ave, Elwood, IL  60421



   This month, we will welcome Jeff Gregorec as our guest speaker.  As you remember, Jeff is an 18-year veteran of Special Forces.  Through the years, he has seen many combat missions and has experienced the threats of terrorism.  Jeff will comment on the current attacks and will share some of his knowledge with us at our November meeting.  Please be sure to attend; it will definitely be an informative evening.  You will learn things that may save your life and the life of your loved ones.  As always, please be sure to bring a friend!



WCGR Gun Giveaway

 Will County ISRA member, George Schade, was the name drawn for the WCGR Gun Giveaway last month. Unfortunately, George was not present so we will draw another name this month. Remember, the winner must be present, be an ISRA member, have a valid FOID and comply with all local, state and federal laws.




October Meeting


 We had another full house at our October meeting and the waitress did a great job servicing the crowded room. Our scheduled October speaker, Judge Dan Rozak, had to cancel so our own Terry Kreimeier did a Power Point presentation on the inner workings of Glock handguns. Terry had a cutaway Glock handgun that was passed around the room; you could clearly see the inter-workings of the Glock handgun.  We had four new members show up at the October meeting; each meeting, we are pleased to say that we have seen our attendance grow.  If you know someone that is a shooter or is just pro-2nd Amendment, please invite them to our next meeting.



Thank you to everyone who attended!


Chairman's Comments


 It seems that the Muslim extremist problem is getting out of control all over the world. I just saw an article and a video about how hundreds of them were completely blocking major streets, in both London and Los Angeles, and praying on their prayer rugs already set in place. This is also happening in New York, Detroit and several other cities in the United States. This is not a one-time event that was done with a special permit. It is done weekly. I think that they’re simply attempting to show whatever strength they have, while testing our politicians’ lack of strength. Unfortunately, they are gaining ground, both here and abroad. I have relatives in both England and Germany and we talk about many things; the most common subject in the last year or so is what is happening in our countries. The common fact is that we are all sick and tired of our politicians and, particularly, the leaders. None of them seem to have the desire and/or ability to lead their perspective country. In Germany, Chancellor Merkel, who was genuinely loved by most, is now disliked especially for allowing the thousands of completely undocumented "refugees" into Germany. It seems that most of them are actually young men, not lots of children or older people. My niece who works in a government employment agency says that most of the ones who come in for jobs are completely   undesirable for hire and with no sanitary personal hygiene at all. more


Political Disclaimer

The ISRA and the Will County Division of the ISRA CAN NOT and WILL NOT endorse any candidate or party. We feature speakers to allow us to learn about the positions a candidate holds about the Second Amendment, and welcome all candidates to speak to us. Only the ISRA Political Victory Fund can endorse candidates or donate to political campaigns.