Silver Dollar Restaurant

422 E. Mississippi Ave, Elwood, IL  60421

This Month's Meeting

  This months speaker will be Mr. John Fairman who is running for Cook County Sheriff as an independent.  Mr Fairman is currently a partner in the law firm of Lee & Fairman LLP, specializing in civil and criminal litigation. Mr Fairman has spent years in public service in Chicago as well as Washington D.C. And, as always...don't forget to bring a friend! 


 Gun Giveaway


   Will County ISRA member,Mary Jo Margio was the name drawn for the WCGR February Gun Giveaway, regretfully Mary Jo was not present so the gun will roll to next month! Remember, the winner must be present, be an ISRA member, have a valid FOID and comply with all local,state and federal laws. 


Last Month's Meeting


   Long time member Steve Weber Will County Treasurer and previously also the Auditor was our guest speaker. His office saved the county 1.5 million/year. He found over $700,000 in mistakes in a year. He then saved another $400,000 by getting rid of bad employees. Their office took in 63 million before trump changed the taxes, and by processing it all in a few days he got over 1 million in interest. No other county was able to do this. Their office now saves over $30,000 in mailing out delinquent tax notices just by shipping it in a unusual type of mailing envelope........  More



Chairman's Comments

  The horrendous shooting in Florida has left the U.S. in shock, and I am sure many in the Anti-Gun crowd are thrilled to have yet another opportunity to push their agenda. They may be saddened by the deaths but still are glad to have yet another chance to push their blinded agenda. Immediately after the horrendous event, they were out all over the news, blaming the NRA and guns. And the mainstream media all had almost the exact same words, so it is obvious to me they had their talking points and were ready to hit “send” literally the minute they heard about something bad involving guns, even before they knew any details. The busses that bought the students to Tallahassee to protest were financed by Bloomberg’s and Soros’ groups, as well as by Planned Parenthood. This is not speculation; hard investigations have proved this, and it is admitted—even bragged about—by their leaders. How hypocritical of Planned Parenthood to protest against gun deaths of innocent students while promoting killing of innocent babies! They of all groups should stick to their own agenda and not protest how some other innocent person is killed.  More