Junior Palma Match

The Palma match goes far back to 1876 at the time of “The Great Centennial Rifle Match”.  This was a 1000 yard rifle match.  The trophy for this match was designed by Tiffany’s of New York and was a replica for a Roman Legion Standard which stood seven and a half feet. At the top of the trophy is an eagle wings spread; below was a wreath of laurel with a bar behind it with the word “Palma” inscribed upon it. The Romans used the palms and laurel as symbols of victory.  Inscribed on this baroque trophy are the words “In the name of the United States and the riflemen of the world”.  The title “The Great Centennial Rifle Match” was soon replaced with a short description of “Palma”.  From then on it was simply known as the “Palma Match”. 

Those young people on the ISRA Junior Palma Team are carrying on the tradition of excellence in marksmanship that the United States is noted for. The Illinois State Rifle Team is proud to sponsor the ISRA Junior Rifle Team.


2017 ISRA Junior Highpower Team Palma Raffle


Savage Model 12 .308 Long Range Rifle

2.      Criterion 24” AR Contour Match Barrel

3.      100 Lapua .308 Palma Brass Cases

4.      Boyt Canvas Rifle Case

*You do NOT need to be present to win.  The Team Chairman will contact you.  The transfer of firearms to the winner will be in accordance with all applicable laws.

Purchase tickets during the ISRA range open house, online via email to the Team Captain (harddogs@isra.org)

$10 Each, 3 for $25, 7 for $50, 15 for $100

Drawing held June 17, 2017 at the ISRA Range Open House in June.

Thank you for supporting the Hard Dogs!