Thursday, April 20, 2017

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - April 20, 2017

by Richard Pearson

Despite some dire predictions earlier, firearm sales appear to be moving up once again.  The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows March numbers 10% higher than January and 9% higher than February of this year.  I'm sure the reduced prices of firearms and ammunition have a lot to do with the increasing numbers.  Now is the time to take advantage of lower ammo prices and to also take a class.

I have heard the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will be getting 86,000 M1 Garands from overseas sometime this year.  Of course, they will not be available for a while because each one has to be checked over to make sure they are in good condition before being released.  In any case, I am glad they are on their way back to the United States.  There are many collectors and shooters who would love to have one of these historic firearms.  I would think there may be M1 Carbines and 1911’s somewhere out there that could make it back to the United States.  This would have never happened if Donald Trump had not been elected.  To buy one of these or any other firearm from the Civilian Marksmanship Program you need to be a member of a club or organization that is affiliated with the CMP.  The Illinois State Rifle Association is an affiliate.  Please join the ISRA today!

Last week, Iowa gun rights got a shot in the arm (pun intended) when Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed Iowa House File 517 into law.  Among the provisions of HF517 are: stand your ground, immunity from civil liability if you have to shoot an aggressor to stop them, state wide preemption, the ability to carry in the Iowa Capitol building, and granting a citizen the ability to sue those who establish "gun free zones" if those citizens believe their civil rights have been violated.  Very nice.

Next week, the action really starts in the Illinois General Assembly as we start the last few weeks of the Spring Legislative Session.  I have had calls regarding witness slips; some explanation is necessary.  Witness slips are used when the bill is on First Reading in Committee.  Once a bill leaves Committee and is on Second Reading, witness slips can no longer be used.  Once it is on Second Reading, you will need to contact your legislators by phone or email.  A bill on Second Reading will be moved back to First Reading if an amendment is offered.  Witness slips will then be needed again.  Since legislation will be moving very fast, the most effective way to contact legislators is by phone.  When you contact your State Representative or State Senator, simply state your support or opposition to a bill (your explanations for your reasoning won't help).  The person who answers the phone in a legislator’s office is a state employee hired to do that job, one of which is to tabulate the yeas and nays.  I know many of these bills anger us, but don't take it out on the person who answers the phone.  When legislature is in session, please call their Springfield office.  When the legislature is not in session, a personal visit to their district office is most effective, if you can't call them at their district office.

Shooting is a social activity, often shared with friends and families.  I have formed many lifelong friendships through shooting.  Joining a league or shooting competition is a great way to meet new friends. That is just the way it works in the shooting sports.  Join a league or shooting competition today!

Thanks for being a member.

To keep up with current legislation, please follow this link:

Please remember: when you click on a particular bill, it will take you directly to the State of Illinois General Assembly website (  The ISRA has no control over the website.

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