Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SB 0009 - Phone Calls Needed


Senate Bill 0009 (SB 0009) is a wide-ranging revenue bill to increase dollars into the coffers of the State Illinois.   Page 29 of Amendment 2 to SB 0009 calls for taxes on gun clubs and hunt clubs.   The Illinois State Rifle Association objects to the inclusion of these two entities because this is essentially a tax of a fundamental right and is therefore unconstitutional.  Sales taxes on newspapers and poll taxes are examples of taxes on a fundamental right that have been declared unconstitutional.   In Ezell v. Chicago, the court rightly pointed out that, the right to possess a firearm for protection implies the right to acquire and maintain proficiency in their use. The core right wouldn't mean much without training and practice to make it effective.  Please call your Illinois State Senator and ask to have gun clubs and hunting clubs from removed from SB 0009.

Go to www.ilga.gov

Click on “Members”, under “Senate”. 

Click on your Senator, for contact information.

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